17 DIY Musical Theatre HALLOWEEN COSTUMES | Last Minute Ideas! 2017

Hey you guys, it’s me, Katherine and TODAY I’m sharing 17 DIY Last Minute Musical Theatre Halloween Costumes!

I say ‘musical theatre’ rather than Broadway because we’ve got a couple of off-broadway shows in here too!

These DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for the theatre kid in your life (aka you!) and can be easily adjusted with whatever you have in your closet! they’re super easy to turn into last minute group costumes, too!

All of these halloween costumes were put together with things from my closet and were styled together YESTERDAY! Like I mention in the vid–October is always a stressful time, and this year is no exception 😂 so I hope you enjoy these last minute DIY broadway / off broadway Halloween costumes!

Also–the Christine Daae (Phantom of the Opera) white robe is homemade! It’s actually a white satin robe with lace from Michaels sewn on!

Comment down below what YOU’RE going as for Halloween (or what you want to go as!)

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Katherine Steele says:

okay now I REALLY want to grab some friends and go as the Kit Kat girls! 🎃🖤 which costume was your fave??

Daydreaming Unicorn Girl says:

I wanted to be Chara from undertale but I was a panda

M says:

Do a Christmas wish list video!!

Coffee Skulls says:

I was Veronica Sawyer for Halloween!

Anna Belden says:

Loved the video! I went as Wednesday Addams, but used my acting chops and said very dark Addams-esque things all night! Also, where did you get your Christine/ Maria wig? It looks fabulous!

Rabia Celik says:

what do you have to do when you want to act but.. you live in Belgium have no idea how to start your carreer and nobody knows you want to act cause you know they Will not support you and you're 13

ocean breeze says:

I was a newsie for Halloween !!

Jeffrey Cornelius says:

I was dear eleven hansen. Yes I said that correctly

Ivana Apat says:

You should totally do Elle in Legally Blonde!!!

Sara Eszter says:

I was Veronica Sawyer and my friend was Heather Chandler.

yellowducky101 says:

My favourite one is Heather Chandler!

Lulusugarlips 18 says:

I was Veronica Sawyer for Halloween!

Demi-God Jedi in Gryffindor Rapping Guns and Ships says:

Great job!!!! You are so creative!! 🙂

Jennah Simpson says:

I need some advice, so my sister, friend and i all audtioned for a show at a theatre near me. My sister and I are both in the chorus, whereas she did not get cast. My friends always ask me about theatre at school, so how can I talk about it without it being awkward?

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