2014 YEAR IN REVIEW | heyclaire

What an amazing year 2014 has been. There are so many things I could say looking back but honestly, I’m so excited for what may be in store for the year(s) ahead! Here are collection of clips from the videos I posted this past year. Thank you for being a part of 2014 and I can’t wait to continue our adventures together!



Watch my 2013 Year in Review → http://youtu.be/hOGI2_rJNBg
FAQ : My Hair → http://youtu.be/KoiOBBGj0zs


NYFW 2014 VLOGS → http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkW9N_xWdlAtU9jaEouECf_y2CqQtr4U-

EVENTS 2014 VLOGS → http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkW9N_xWdlAs9yo1fUXuGhl2TkzCEouUv

BEAUTY → http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkW9N_xWdlAvRm3SOBeOAPLWQ7tnpLZAK

FASHION → http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkW9N_xWdlAtlMzKPYO5mOO39qL19u8ls



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Claire Marshall says:

What an amazing year 2014 has been. There are so many things I could say
looking back but honestly, I’m so excited for what may be in store for the
year(s) ahead! Here are collection of clips from the videos I posted this
past year. Thank you for being a part of 2014 and I can’t wait to continue
our adventures together!


Humi Iqbal says:

What a year babe

Inthefrow says:

Dang, I knew this would be awesome. What an awesome year! x

Lexi A-N. says:

So much love for you! You deserve every ounce of success and joy that has
come your way 🙂 Happy new year xx

ThePersianbabe says:

Just love you Claire. Wishing you a happy new year here’s to 2015! xxx

Teni Panosian says:

Congrats on everything, Claire!! Here’s to 2015 being even better! 

Amy J says:

You must have the fastest growing channel on YouTube! And you deserve it
with your wonderful personality, sense of style and humour mixed with
editing skills. And Bruce!! 😀 Looking forward to seeing what comes your
way in 2015, Claire – hope you had a great New Year.

Ginger Mori says:

Once I got the notification telling me that you made uploaded a new video I
got so excited. I only been a subscriber this year but you have taught me
so much. You are such an inspiration, I love you so much and I can’t wait
to meet you! You are someone I want to be when I grow up you’re my hero I
love you so much honestly this video made me cry because of all the stuff
you’ve been through with your mom and just life in general you are pretty
great and a very strong person and you’re such an inspiration I can’t say
it enough but I love you so much I will always be a subscriber and always
be here for you you are loved on here. This year will be great! -Gigi
(sorry if this is suupaa cheesssy lol) 

facesbygrace23 says:

so inspiring 🙂 x

Sherri Ashton says:

LMAO off at Bruce chasing his tail! Had to watch it again :)

mrsGasky says:

I want to cry, because you are my inspiration, you are the person who made
this year so much better. I cant put in words how much I love you and your
work. Keep going Claire, be strong. We… I mean your whole ‘little YouTube
family’ will support you in every step.
Thanks. A lot. x

frecklesinyoureyes says:

Claire, I’ve been a subscriber ever since you first started out (by that I
mean your VERY first videos back when you didn’t even leave in LA) and I’m
happy that I could be part of your journey. I hope amazing things keep
coming your way! I wish you all the best! <3

annaleeandjesse says:

Can you make one for us? Haha #kiddingnotkidding

HowtobeFancy says:

This was stellar. One day we all hope to be as cool as Claire. Well
deserved success girl! x

earth43toph says:

I’m so proud and honored to be your subscriber. Youtube is such a strange
kind of community, in the sense that it’s mostly of people filming
themselves doing stuff. But I like that because even though we live in the
same world, these videos still some how transport us into another world,
into another life and that’s incredibly enjoyable to watch and feel,
especially when you can watch, in real time, that person grow. I’m so proud
of what you have accomplished and so proud to be your subscriber. To a new
year and a new adventure! :)

Natalia Rosario says:

okay i’m gonna be a cornball and say this made me kind of emotional and
none of this even happened to me! i’ve been watching your videos for such a
long time now and although i rarely comment on them, i felt the need to
comment on this one and let you know how happy i am that your channel has
grown and that you’ve been able to do many awesome things, and i look
forward to seeing more from you in 2015! i wish you all the best in all
your future endeavors and i will continue to silently support you, haha.

Karina Lynn Kho says:

This is amaaazing! I had the pleasure of meeting you at Generation Beauty &
not only are you such a genuine person (both in person and on camera),
you’ve remained so humble! <3 You have been such an inspiration to me (and
many others!) and if one day my editing skills are half as amazing as
yours, my life would be complete LOL. Congrats on another year here on
YouTube & I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year! 

SuperEON xiv says:

Your life, your passion! Its a thing many wants to know.. You inspire alot
of people from all ages even my mom knows you and tells me that she likes
your style and editing skills.. Keep on inspiring us and the new one that
will come across your channel.. Happy new year and may you have another
fruitful year ahead.. 

Captain Pia says:

So crazy to see how your channel is growing! I just had to cry. This was so
emotional and to see all this pieces out of your year (and I’m subbing
since 2-3 years) it’s awesome how much you see and I wish I could do a year
review like this but I have only the memories. I wish you just the best for
2015 and I’m sure the number of people that support you will grow and
you’ll hit the million! And I will be one of this huge family and I’m also
so thankful for sharing this with us! (Btw; Sometimes I forget that Bruce
is such a cute cat) x

collaredblouse says:

you had such an incredible year, claire! i hope 2015 brings you wonderful
things as well! cheers to the new year! 😀 <3

Dylan Gramlich says:

I started to watch your videos in the beginning of 2014, and I was
instantly hooked. Watching your videos has given me, outfit ideas, more
products to try out, and most importantly self confidence. You’re a bad ass
chick, and its amazing that you can share your life with people who you
have never met. Your videos has inspired me to apply to FIDM and major in
Visual Communications. You have really inspired me. I don’t know if you’ll
read this, but I just wanted to say thank you and I can’t wait for all the
awesome videos of 2015! 

Helen P. says:

What a crazy ride! Wishing you all the best in 2015, love ya claire :)

tinygirlbigdreams says:

Loved this Claire! Im sooo happy I met you in 2014 and I hope that I run
into you again many more times in 2015, wishing you many more success to
come! :)

friedia says:

So very cool! Excited for you in 2015!! x

Neesa Mo says:

2014 has been amazing for you! I hope you continue to grow and be
successful in 2015. Every single video exceeds my expectations

Mariela Prado says:

Where can I get this song? It’s not on the Tennis System Soundcloud..?

Cynthia Lac says:

I love you Claire! I hope 2015 will be an amazing year for you <3 I love
your videos and looking back at the clips, I think I've watched every
single one of them this year. You have such a talent

Nimra G says:

I don’t know if you watch Grey’s but to me you are the Cristina Yang of
makeup! 🙂 Keep on doing you and I hope 2015 is great for you! 

Claire Marshall says:

I cry !

Angela Ibarrola says:

You are the editing queen!! Congrats and may many more blessings come your

SweetGirlsHe Hevia says:

OMG, what a beautiful year Claire, hugs from Mexico! 

Madeline Elizabeth says:

This made me cry I’m so happy for you Claire you’re such an inspiration 

The.Haunted says:

Wow I definitely thought you had waaaaaay more subscribers. You deserve so
many more, you’re so talented and lovely to watch. I love everything about
you :)

kymomandstuff says:

Love your videos! Happy New Year!!!

Xxdopelife says:

Hey Claire! I was wondering if i can follow you on soundcloud! Really love
your music taste! 

Katherine Pentz says:

You are such an inspiration. What a great year and I am excited to see what
happens for you next. 

Veevalife says:

Happy New Year Claire!!!! I’m glade you had such a great year, I almost
cried watching this tbh (,: I hope 2015 has a lot of good things in store
for you. You deserve the best. xoxo.

P.S. You put up videos from Beautycon in NYC, my best friend and I were in
this video. (,: That was a really great day. I hope I get to meet you again
this year!! <3

Lots of Love. xoxo

Daisy Daniels says:

2014 was the year I found your youtube videos…and there is no denying the
fact that you’re top my list of favorite youtubers. Innovative, creative,
gorgeous, kind! I couldn’t be more happy and proud of you! You go girl!

Sidney Rain says:

OMG IM IN THIS!! the clips from beauty con! I see myself for about 2
seconds, at 0:49. HOW COOL! Love you Claire! Happy new year!

Saba Bokhari says:

I’m so happy to be a subscriber of yours. I know when I watch you, it’s
real, no fluff. High quality content, genuine personality and all around
great. You have inspired me so much and I’m excited to keep up with you
through 2015!! 🙂 The car vlogs are my favorite actually, haha! Keep being
awesome xx :)

Anne Miranda says:

this made me really emotional lol I’m a weenie

TheCalmWay says:

You are so inspiring! All the best for 2015 !

Estee Y says:

so excited for all the great content that you will be putting out this
year, and also excited for YOU in general 🙂 thank you for being you and
sharing your creativity with us this past 2014, despite all the personal
rough stuff that has been going on. your mom is in my prayers. much love
from chicago xx

Haleigh Kloetzli says:

Claire, I am so proud to be a subscriber of yours. You truly inspire me and
I look forward to growing with you more this year! <3

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