24 Seattle Restaurants in 24 Hours | Day of Gluttony Ep. 9

Two guys: Harry & Bruce. One city: Seattle. The challenge: Conquer 24 restaurants within 24 hours. SEE BELOW FOR THIS EPISODE’S FULL RESTAURANT LIST.

Watch as Harry & Bruce plunder 10 cities in the #DayOfGluttony series. The most important rule? They’ve got to consume everything they order. No exceptions. Game on. #dayofgluttony

01. Analog Coffee — http://goo.gl/9Az3LT
02. Nuflours — http://goo.gl/X7Bwnz
03. The Wandering Goose — http://goo.gl/j19PRn
04. Arabica Lounge — http://goo.gl/oJ7B11
05. Café Pettirosso — http://goo.gl/59jWGV
06. Espresso Vivace — http://goo.gl/j19Z1h
07. Ba Bar — http://goo.gl/b6MfTM
08. Biscuit B*tch — http://goo.gl/VAeciP
09. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt — http://goo.gl/f6amYn

10. Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar — http://goo.gl/GGpAQV
11. La Isla Cuisine — http://goo.gl/VhjNrN
12. Hot Cakes — http://goo.gl/9iQyK3
13. Ocho — http://goo.gl/vFEbfs
14. The Walrus and the Carpenter — http://goo.gl/h2ekdk
15. Barnacle — http://goo.gl/vnNtj5
16. Tray Kitchen — http://goo.gl/6Q8bHx
17. Milstead & Co. — http://goo.gl/z9Hn3O

18. Joule — http://goo.gl/H21HNf
19. Spinasse — http://goo.gl/rIk7wi
20. Kedai Makan — http://goo.gl/eSWVht
21. Mezcaleria Oaxaca — http://goo.gl/XooIx6
22. Capitol Cider — http://goo.gl/wcGR03
23. Sun Liquor Distillery — http://goo.gl/KFQvbZ
24. The Old Sage — http://goo.gl/YJvKVR

Host: Harry Yuan (https://www.youtube.com/harryhyuan)
Host: Bruce Aguirre
Executive Producer: Harry Yuan
Producer: Jennifer Yuan Martin
Producer: Melinda Lee
Associate Producer: Jamie Dore
Produced by: Double H Production (http://doublehproduction.com/)
Concept By/Directed By: Harry Yuan
DOP: Carlo Silvio
2nd Camera: Blake Brown
Sound Tech: Evan Gandy
Sound Tech: Reed Harvey
PA: Jacob Leander
PA: Nasa Koski
Editor: Justin Smith
Editor: Jacob Metiva


jnc1835 says:

I’m a Seattlite and I agree w/ their Espresso Vivace choice- One of the
best! I’m surprised you guys didn’t go to a sushi place for this video.
Seattle has one of the best sushi in the Northwest….Shiro’s and Umi’s are
top notch places.

gunnarolla says:

My heroes.

moe761 says:

This is perfect, as I am visiting Seattle next month. 

Abby OBrien says:

i never want this to end. take it international!

chris Armstrong says:

Does anybody know if these places are expensive? I’ve been meaning to
travel to Seattle for a few months from Ireland and these places just look

Mary Nguyen says:

Seattle ♥♥♥♥

Fitri Candra says:

Guys you don’t eat the rice

Babababababe says:

You guys look like you were feeling NO pain at the end. LOL.

Jan Zborovský says:

I feel kinda sad when I watch this… as the restaurants in my country are
not that interesting… or even good :D

Fiona Lo says:

I have lived in Seattle for 9 years and I have only been to 6 of the 24
places. This is a perfect checklist though! love my city, love the beast

Tammy Ko says:

Biscuit B*tch is my fav!!!

thekoalanamedkevin says:

Yes loved this! 

Cloe Lagrange says:

Cool Hats

Bob Bobly says:


Mixxel Miller says:

You guys should invite Matt “Megatoad” Stonie on the show. Anything else
you want to try, he will finish it off if you don’t think you can.

twilightzone52 says:


nakgriffin says:


SleekMouse says:

Only Harry will become famous.

EiA_Sphere 091 says:

302 view? -0- …..

Keep it up! (Always waits for this!)

Zporadik says:

the whole coeliac bullshit thing makes this series slightly less fun.

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