5 Senses Valentine’s DIY~

Hello Everyone!~

I realize it’s been a while. I hope y’all like this video on an easy do it yourself gift idea for any occasion! (In this case, Valentine’s Day! Woot woot.) It was a lot easier to make this than I expected and I can’t wait to reveal it to my boyfriend to see what he thinks. I hope he loves it as much as I enjoyed making it. x

Here’s a list of other objects/presents you can use for each sense.

Smell: Candle, Car fresher, lotion, shampoo, soap, bath bombs.
Taste: They’re favorite chips, candle, drink, a recipe book, gum.
See: Kaleidoscope, Pajamas, Boxers, Bra, Glasses, Telescope, Eyepatch
Feel: Blanket, Pillow cases, fuzzy sweater, an emotional poem you wrote yourself.
Hear: itunes card, ear buds, headphones, y’alls song, piano/guitar book if they’re musically inclined.



But seriously, this gift idea was a lot of fun and it’s a unique way to show someone how much you care about them.

Also, song by

Natoo -Love Me Tender (Cover)
They’re amazing, check them out. x

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(I can’t promise that any of these videos will happen, but they’re ideas!)

I love you guys, thank you for the 150 subscribers!


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