Another Major Reason To Home School and Why It Will Soon Be Outlawed

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Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time


joseph baska says:

the current education system is more of a brand washing program and really needs to be exposed

Gary Hornbuckle says:

I homeschooled my child, who is now 24, and have no regrets. She started out in public school through 2nd grade. She had been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome halfway through kindergarten, and it was not surprising she performed much better in the home environment I do agree there are many other good reasons to homeschool​, though. One question, Dave, if I have YouTube Red is that the funding equivalent of listening to the ads?

Katie Marie says:

It's like "affordable & safe Healthcare services" for women is the lefts new way of say ABORTIONS. I'm sick of them using us goils as their excuse for the evil.

Terri says:

i do two browser because i LOVE listening to you!!!!

Terri says:

Yes, it is coming here. I've said for years that homeschooling WILL be outlawed.. govt needs more slaves..

Kamil and Sheila Pyka says:

Interesting…I already making research because in a couple of years I will have to decide what school my kids will attend.

john jenkins says:

Great show Dave.  In the early 90's I was a single parent and am a devout Christian.  My son was in the 6th grade and he came home after school one day with a paper from the school notifying all parents that they were going to start teaching the kids all about Homosexuality and I mean everything about it.  So the very next day I arranged to have a meeting with the school principle about this new curriculum.  The Principle told me that it was correct and that by a new state law they were required to do this.  I expressed my anger and how displeased I was about it.  So I asked the School Principle what was the law and requirements of me Home schooling my son.  And back in the 90's there was no law or requirements in the State of Idaho keeping me from being able to Home School my son.  The day I met with the School Principle was the last day my son attended a Public School. I got the books I needed and home schooled my son from then on.  After he had accomplished the equivalent of the 12th grade he took his GED test and passed with flying colors.  My son is 35 years old now and he owns and operates a successful General Contracting business with about a dozen employees.  He and his wife now Home School there children.  My Grandchildren have never attended a Public School.  The closest they ever got to a Public School was there for a couple of years they did attend a Private Christian School.

Susan Simpson says:

This is slightly off-topic, but yesterday I visited my son's home.  On the tv a "cartoon" was playing on a Fox network.  It was a group of black women, laughing raucously, one said "get your ass over here!".  They were drinking wine and twerking, one saying how her man was suing for custody of their kids, and the woman said he could have them.  They proceeded to dance around saying "men are good for nothing, but opening jars.  We don't need men!  We don't need men!".  I was MORTIFIED.  When I commented to my daughter-n-law about it, she said "oh, it's only satire.  hehehe"  She is so clueless and liberal, it makes me sick for their child.

Felipe Duque says:

My kids' mom has them going to a private, catholic school in San Ramon and all they teach is bullshit "common core". So not even private schools work in CommiCal

roninreturns says:

Thanks for letting me know at The Common Sense Show that I need to let the ads play through to support the show. It doesn't take much time or extra effort, and for the longer ads the two browser approach works. I'm glad to do this to support the show, and it is something we can all do to help, in addition to giving the videos a Like and Subscribing!

Mrs. Pan says:

Satan likes to lie to parents and tell them "they can't homeschool, they aren't smart enough, can't afford it etc…" Homeschool doesn't have to look like the Duggers. We aren't all like Jim Bob an Michelle. Don't believe the lies. Best choice I ever made!

Colette Decker says:

I agree, ours are home schooled. We signed them up to do Home school out reach one year. In this program they had to e-mail the teacher/mentor once a week. The state implemented this because a parent in Detroit killed her children and kept the bodies in freezer, supposedly for two years. I could have been sending these e-mails, and I was for the six year old, who has a reading and writing disability. So I expect more stupid laws to come do the pipe.

Ender41948 H says:

I completely agree. My son is going into the 10th grade & we've decided to home school him until he graduates high school. The public school system is littered with lies & propaganda.

Rich Monk says:

The American public school system has been run by marxist Jews since the late 60's and push marxism, communism, collectivism, atheism, the gay/ tranny/ pedophile agenda, open borders, and anti- Western values, anti-Christianity. The jews have already destroyed Europe and hope to take down America.

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