Barstool Pizza Review – Lil’ Frankie’s (Bonus Comedy Review)

El Pres reviews Lil’ Frankies on 1st Ave and ends up getting a helping hand from some fans of comedy.


Nash Bros says:

Funny ass video! Also, warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Will Jenkins says:

dave; you guys like dave portnoy? old dude: yeah he's retarded………I WAS DONE WEN HE SAID THAT JUST WATCH DAVES FACE WHEN HE SAYS THAT @ 5:31

Geoffrey Wilson says:

One of the best pop-up reviews, these guys were awesome… but seriously, who doesn't like a good crust?

Decetop says:

Very old dude thing to do is when someone says "you like so-and-so?" and you don't know who that is but you still say some shit like "yeah he's great"

Matthew Wechsler says:

who knew greg oden sr. is roaming in the streets of new york

Paul Squad says:

Seahawks should have run the ball

xXtheyeti1Xx says:

This is a great episode.

xXtheyeti1Xx says:

This is a great episode.

xXtheyeti1Xx says:

"you like cookies?" lol

Nick McKee says:

pres poppin that ass like a VS model

d7bhw2 says:

these guys know their shit, especially the bald guy. crust is overrated, chocolate chip cookies are good, steve harvey blows, nailed every take

derek says:

thank u james & slim

Kay Klas says:

Pres is a real nigga! How can you argue his stamp?

jd says:

I like that …………. jumpman. pretty fucking chill

Envisioned By Stephen says:

"He's Retarded" LMAO

Rob LeTendre says:

Guest #2: "Perfect Crust.."
Dave: "You didn't eat the crust yet"

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