Benedict Cumberbatch Mortified By Reddit Reviews – The Graham Norton Show

Benedict Cumberbatch is confronted with the harsh reality of Reddit reviews, and Johnny Depp discusses meeting royalty (including That One).

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Locks Does says:


Blathering Bear says:

Johnny Depp is such a limp personality in front of a live audience. He acts like he can hardly speak.

Tara Bissonnette says:

Ok. I am fairly new to fangirling over cumberbatch but omg i cant stop looking up videos and memes and everything about him

colt 45 says:

Did he just mimic johnny at 2:42😂😂😂

Symone says:

Johnny isn't slurring here!

Wizbuiz says:

Johnny drove himself over with a wine truck

Darreyl Henderson says:

Johnny Depp looks like someone's drunk uncle. LOL

BrianStyleDeath says:

Ugh God wash that hair johnny

Nikita Green says:

Hahahaha yep this sounds about right hahahahaha

Alicja Rostkowska says:

This is my favourite video with Benedict Cumberbatch.

shree says:

Half the fun was the way graham was reading it 😂

Vienna Bella says:

Did he take drugs before this? 😂 what's up with johnny

Angelina Zhai says:

Just saying… not all of us fangirls are crazy.

Jin Hikari says:

So glad johnny depp finally got that smell he wanted 🖒

AzimuthBlast says:

Johnyn Dep casually talking while in the left thumbnail they're beating a bear up.

Rohana Monzon says:

"I can finally admit that I wrote that" – Johnny Depp

D.H. Withers says:

"That one" = The next King.

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