Better Ways to Make Money on YouTube – YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities

Paid sponsorship opportunities for YouTube influencers can be extremely more effective than earning revenue by Adsense alone. Derral discusses with Adam and Agnes from all about sponsorships on YouTube.

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Ileane Smith says:

+Derral Eves is doing a LIVE webinar about making money on YouTube –
Featuring the folks from Famebit

Rob Michael says:

Hi +Derral Eves, this was a wonderful presentation.

I am a full time jazz guitarist and music educator in the San Francisco Bay

I have a good deal of engagement from other musicians and music lovers on
Google Plus and quite a few followers (250k+) but don’t have a huge Youtube
subscriber count (<1k), I give music lessons internationally via G+
hangouts and even do performances and remote studio sessions there!

I don't really have a question, just want to say howdy and thanks for what
you do. Kudos!

Derral Eves says:

Join me for the Live Training on the subject “Better Ways to Make Money on

Luke Warm Studios says:

Love the Q&A!

Aprendendo o Dó Ré Mi says:

Woow +Derral Eves , you’re from Utah!!! In 2007-2008 on the winter season,
me and my sister did a work experiece in Utah. We lived for 3 months in
Park City and I really miss that place, I’ll sure go back there someday.

Travis Kraft says:

Dang, I missed it!

BirnyX says:

Hello Derral, can I sign to Famebit, when I am already in a MCN? I noticed
Famebit wants to some kind of 6 months exclusivity, could you explain what
does it mean? Does it affect my temporary sponsors? Thank you.

Sharpshot Films says:

I’m only half way to the minimum subscribers for the sponsors, but I will
be there soon! I will definitely be doing a review very soon on Tannerite!
Blowing stuff up would bring in more viewers! :)

Rahul Mazumder says:

Hi Derral, I watched the entire video in the morning while you were live.
Now coming back to comment again on it.
I am an architect, professionally but I run a motorcycle channel. Why I
don’t use the word V-logger is that, I don’t want to be caught in the
limits of V-logging. I make reviews of motorcycles and cover news as well.
I also criticize the bad motorcycles, because our media tends to sugercoat
things a lot. I try to be honest and fair.
I would love to have the opportunity of sponsor because that would
essentially give me the money that is required to further develop the
channel. Being a channel that has to do expensive and outdoor shoots every
now and then with a small crew, I need to spend hundreds of dollars every
month just to make those videos! And I am barely breaking even with adsense

MyHotRodTV Ron says:

Famebit is still a mystery. I have emailed Adam and asked several questions
and I get generic answers. I understand the sponsor wants the youtuber to
promote a product. Does the sponsor ad stay up forever? Adam said yes, or
until you take down your video. Why would I want to take a video down if
youtube was paying me for my video? I do automotive ads and I do not talk
in my videos. So how do I promote a sponsors product?

SEspider says:

Soooooo glad this was released for those of us that weren’t able to attend
the event. Thanks, Guys!

Suzie D. says:

Thank You…I like this format…Please don’t be offended…I watch your
videos on speed 2x…..I don’t have 1 1/2 hrs to watch but 45min I

RideVictoria says:

Interesting……very Interesting.

AsKaGangsta says:

to be honest FameBit never worked for me. I Never get an answer back- Being
completely ignored. Very bad Website. Don’t waste your time on it.

Gemni888 says:

I run a pro wrestling channel based on pro wrestling dvds from california.
I cant grow my channel no matter how hard I try please help. I am at
facebook at Vincent Flair on twitter at gemni888 looking for help thank you
hope you will be in touch looking to make a career out of youtube just need
a jumpstart for me very average channel struggling along. Thank you

John Hampton says:

I have very little if indeed any success at all with my YouTube channel,
but I am a subscriber and watch all of your uploads, so maybe one of these
days… However, regardless my lack of success – low subscribers (22) and
poor views (5,302 in total for 111 uploads) – I keep on keeping on, and for
no other reason than I have a ball doing so which, in essence, is what
having a YouTube channel is all about, to my mind. And when all is said and
done, I do average two views per subscriber with every upload, while 3
uploads have averaged 15 views per subscriber, although not all views have
been from subscribers. Kind regards and thank you for your expertise.

Rahul Mazumder says:

Also another question is 80% of my channel audience is from India, so I
wanted to know, if there are brands from India who are on Famebit. Also
wanted to know, what chances are from a motorcycle channel.

Ahorre Mucho Más says:

Hi. I am originally from Colombia. I live in Canada. 

Mae Kelm says:

South Georgia where the good peaches grow.

woah says:

Hi Derral, I came across your channel yesterday, and since then, I spent
more than 5 hours watching your videos! I now know that you read and
respond to comments in the first 48 hrs so I wanted to tell you this. I
have another youtube channel called “deam0nassassin2”, I was a youtuber
with over 12 000 subscribers on my “deam0nassassin” channel but it got
terminated. Since then, things have been going badly for me. I plan to post
new videos consistently every tuesday and thursday on “deam0nassassin2” in
the year 2015. I would love to be your next channel evaluation person but I
realise that I am not currently eligible for that. I just want you to keep
an eye out for me! /user/deam0nassassin2 (the “woah” channel is something I
started with my brother, I have a lot of YT channels, even one with lyrics
with over 2 MILION views!)

Carib Spice says:

I learned so much from you today (as always regardless). Thanks for
answering my question. Keep the vids and talent coming. :)

Dj Project says:

This is very cool information. I’m from the far far far west burbs of

Mariusz Dariusz says:

We need help with music channel.
I’m music producer and sound engineer and my wife is cellist, we both
graduated from university of music. We do have a rock cover project called
Need For Strings – we play rock greatest hits on classical strings
instruments and people just loving it…..our live shows, but our Social
Media and YouTube skills are weak, so YT channel is not impresive at
Few weeks ago, we decided to start a new project – “rockin cello” solo –
let’s say like Apocalyptica but only one cello as solo instrument.
We want to produce our own music and covers (not necessarily, but I think
it’s good trend on YT now, so It could help).
We have 3 songs ready to record in studio, and can release 10 rock covers
after some music arrangement changes, we have a good HD camera ect….
So we need help to start our channel from ZERO point and we are ready to
make whatever you will say 🙂
Derral, even if you will chose someone else, thank you soooooooooo much for
your YT channel and your films, we are learning from the very beginning and
for sure our future success will be also your merit.

Dyllman Rocks says:

Hi I am from the us and pls sub I am starting to make gaming vids

lonestarrider says:

Houston, TX Great Stuff and Thanks! I would love for you to work with me,
but I’m under 1,000 subscribers. I have a channel that review of roads for
motorcycling, products reviews and tips, locations, events, travel,
and motorcycling camping.
I’m planning on traveling for a year on my motorcycle around the US and
Canada, videoing the entire trip.

Travis Kraft says:

I own my own MCN but I don’t let people join it because I am worried about
people uploading copyrighted content and such and I don’t even know what I
could do with it. 

TheRennellReedChannel says:

Pick this channel. but we only have 290 subscribers! 

Ilene McInnes says:

Hello Derrel,
I really like learning more about YouTube information.
I’m working on getting more subbies, I’m almost 500.
Thank you!

Jack Blade says:

Hey Derral, Thanks for every thing!

LifeLessons Learned says:

My dream is become a entrepreneur and to connect with other YouTubers.
Right now this YouTube page is for giving advice and opinions however, I am
making another for items and other things I want to review like websites. I
can’t wait to make the best of my life and since I am a victim of abuse, I
don’t want my past to stop me and define me as a person. I believe everyone
should have a go getter mind set and I want to reach out and do what I

Pieter Erasmus says:

Thank you Darrel for the opportunity! And that its free. Pay it Forward is
the greatest thing there is in Life to touch people by lifting the up.
Impacting there life. Touching people and see how they reaching heights in
life give so much fulfillment. Be Blessed

Rahul Mazumder says:

ya, good format, Learnt a lot.
By the way half a million views on my channel but only 2000 subs, how make
people hit that button more often?

woah says:

I also am interested in the sponsorship deal with famebit. Again, I am
about to start posting videos on my channel. It’s all about sketches and
tutorials. I would like a sponsorship deal but I think it would be better
if you told me how to make a fresh start and get a lot of subscribers and
views first. Thank you.

Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer) says:

Derral I would love too have an opportunity for you to walk me threw this
if I am chosen. summit my channel as a sponsor, I am a Plus Size Designer
striving to network and make connections for my channel to grow the brand
make money. Peace and Love!
P. S. i been on YouTube for 6 years sew,talk about health ,fashion,
traveling Fashion is ,Passion and so much MORE.
no 1000 SUB yET.

ClaytonRoy says:

I would love this but I feel I need help on content 1st! Any tips on that?
I would say yes pick me pick me but I feel I need step one before this.
Maybe you feel different? 

m1shadow says:

Hey Derral, thanks again for this video. Im not sure if the chat saved what
we said, but i wanted to say im def interested in having you do a channel
evaluation on me. I focus mainly on firearms, dog info and food recipes. My
goal is to get my channel to its fullest potential!

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