Billy and Mandy in: Trepanation of the Skull and You

This is the film I made in college featuring (a slightly different than you’re used to) Billy & Mandy. It came out of dormancy last night at the Tromanimation Festival, and now I’m putting it up here in a (slightly) more watchable state.

The film was made in 1998, I believe, as my Junior thesis. The directive was to make a two minute animation, and that’s what I did. I was big into fringe culture at the time, and found trepanning fascinating. I also wanted to do something with this “Billy” character I was obsessed with, and I HAD to have some dinosaurs.

The animation was hand draw on paper, colored in markers, and then cut out and glued to cels. I thought that would save time over painting cels, but the cut-and-glue process really sucked. So I was probably wrong about that. The film never looked great, but the version you see here was transferred from 16mm shot on a WWII-era Bolex, which was transferred to VHS, then DVD, then ripped for your viewing pleasure. So yeah… sorry about the quality.

The characters, my style, and my sense of humor developed over the years. Hopefully for the better. I’ll let you decide!


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