Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Hey guys!
Many of you wanted to see some kind of challenge videos on my channel! So here is one ! Hope you enjoy!

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Camera use: Canon Rebel T4i (with Sigma 30mm lens)

FTC this is not a sponsored video in any way shape or form

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Salma Attallah says:

Ainura ughh in love you soo much I was just freaking out when I saw you’re

KaaayKayxo says:

Loved the video

awkwardllama says:

Your videos are so amazing I’m so glad I watch you!!

Emma Rose says:

You should do more videos together loved this

Buyile Simelane says:

This video was really funny can you do a video on how to make lip balm or

Madzik Vlog says:

You are so pretty
(Sorry for my english)

bethany mota says:

Great idea makeup innervated eyes you liked the idea of genius

Anthony Prenestil says:

omg i love uyour videos its so creative ps im a girl

SweetyCupcake14 says:

Hey 😀 You’ve got Subscribers in Germany

Sonya Martirosyan says:

смешное видео , ты со своей подружкой делаете классный макияж без глаз

jaAdamariE says:

Do u daily wear makeup

Camila Cruz says:

9 comment , like 12 jajaja lol

Aiva C says:

First comment!

mg g says:

Hi Ainura i love your videos
When you reach 1,000,000 subs
I can say that im proud that ive been here since the start 

Savia Ali says:

Third comment you were great but you look like +Miranda Sings 

Kathy Vu says:

Such a fun, great video! Love ya!

Ainura K. says:
analoren Castro says:

Love it and your outfit

Ashleyboo1204 says:

I think ainura did better!!! Please check out my channel

张学鑫 says:

love u! 

PerfectionByAdshaya says:


laura rodriguez says:

second comment 🙂 this video was so cool

Venla Nenola says:

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