Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that’s just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for a blueberry muffin mug cake.


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1/4 Cup of self raising flour
2 Tablespoons of sugar
3 Tablespoons of milk
1 Tablespoon of oil
Add some blueberries


Ellie V says:

i love the mug cake recipes! they are always so moist and i was wondering
if u could do like a mug cake week and have a week with fun and delicious
recipes (5 days of the week or around that)

jacob tjoeptjoep says:

great video 😉
you look like Aaron Taylor-Johnson
that’s kick-ass!

CupcakesAreMines says:

I love blueberry pancake I bet I’ll like this :D

SaintsDevil PL says:

Hey i got question. Can i add in to this umm… maybe apple? not

AviatorDark says:

Hope you had an awesome christmas :D

sodium chloride says:

it cam,e out like an old sponge i almost lost 2 teeth biting into this shit

Theresa Wucher says:

Hey Jason! How long does it take in the oven and what temperature? Thanks a
lot, happy holidays to you and your family, greetingd from germany❤️

Rithika Kudabanda says:

Delish, as always! :D

justtocommentlol says:

Looks delicious! Too bad that whenever I attempt to cook something in a
mug, my microwave almost explodes :C

Mario Stellato says:

Could you put strawberrys in instead of blue berrys?

olivia sheldon says:

I tried the same thing but with raspberries

NoizYy Boyy says:

Please make this!

2 ingredient truffles
-Cream Cheese

For every 2 tablespoons put 1/4 of a tablespoon

Emma Jones says:

MY FAV!!❤️❤️

Cazards says:

I took this and made a bit of my own recipe where I added some melted
chocolate and instead replaced the blueberries with 1/4 the cup of chopped
up nuts (of your choice)

cece ashley says:

Yum I wanna try this when I feel better

Henry Wong says:

Where is your daughter?

Cooky Leen says:

This looks so good! I will try to do this!

Kinsbaile says:

Blueberry muffins are my fav! 😀 

daniël hardenberg says:

add 2 tablespoons of cacoa delte te berries and then you have a brownie mug

Miloud Achahbar says:

My son asked if the muffin could be from chocolate.

gamer39985 says:

Love your videos! You’ve inspired me to take cooking classes, and I’ve been
learning some stuff there.

Bobby B says:

You had me at blueberries. But no egg? THis is the ONLY one I’ve seen that
had no egg. WIld. Thanks for this.

David Mulhern says:

is it spelt paparika or paprika

Ray the Blue Fish says:

I know the secret recipe to make fake crab meat using eggs and onions. :D

Gerdjeuh says:

No motor oil? Damn! D:

Frizzy Apple says:

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! 

michelle irigoyen says:

I feel like this would make a pancake recipe! Hahah

Skull. Candy says:

ahh i want.

Aiden Greenberg says:

Yum good job

CoderboyPB says:

You guy, made me thinking about buying a micro wave, now …
Although I have no room, to place it in my small kitchen … 

William McKay says:

blueberry is my favorite fruit! :D

autumnharvestfairy says:


Reece Rowlands says:

Rape is bad.

Nguyen Nhi says:

Is look good

Isael Jr says:

Good video
And will definitely try this one out
Btw thanks for the recipe :)

Kara Neal says:

U changed back the theme song

legolego0028 says:

First comment

CoderboyPB says:

Why do you think, motor oil wouldn’t work?
Ever tried it by yourself? ;-)


Preferably not motor oil! Haha

ShanShan Mcnamara says:

he should make a cooking game of somesort

Fatima Liverpool Fangirl xx says:

Yummy!!!! If u don’t want it give it to me ;)

Pink Juice says:

It’s my favorite muffin yey and looks delicious

Diego Garrido says:

this is sooo nice 😀 thanks for the recipe <3 :D

serenakong6 says:

More of ur daughter please! She’s soo cute !!!

Leah Nagel says:

Hope you had a great Xmas !!! 

best fails says:

Awesome dude merry Christmas and awesome videos as always

karlee stiefel says:


Felicia Philippo says:

It looks very nice

xXLamiaxX xD says:

Where’s the other intro ? 😀 

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