Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS

What do you get when Roger Corman tries to cash-in on Star Wars AND remake Seven Samurai? A movie like “Battle Beyond The Stars” of course!

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horaciosi says:

How about reviewing the OTHER Star Wars cash-in/Seven Samurai remake, Message from Space?

scottyrobot says:

was the female barbarian named "St. X-Men"??

Victor Hernandez says:

Seriously, Brandon. You really should apply for a job either RiffTrax or Mystery Science Theater 3000! Your witty dialogue and writing would be perfect for those guys!

OniBaba says:

I love how Shad's people are called the Akira, as in Akira Kurosawa.
Nice reference.

Pensive Scarlet says:

Goodnight, Space-John-Boy!

Old people love edm too says:

"My mother was a black hole"

Old people love edm too says:

Nice Doctor who reference

Old people love edm too says:

Uhhh… actually looks more like a Dalek

Marek Homsi Andráši says:

Yes, that ship has tits… but why nobody mentions the whole ship looks like an UTERUS!?

Jacen Starhunter says:

I also requested this​ movie many time but oh well thank you Brandon!. Lol

NRubric says:

I always found it funny that Robert Vaughns characters name "Gelt" sounds like the german "Geld" which means "money".

Nikolas Mace says:

Look at king Cora 🙂

Annie Witzler says:

I think I have the same couch as you.

Tony Sorrow says:

So wait, disney pixar a bugs life is seven samurai?

mathew green says:

Although this was a remake & a cash in, after watching it recently I couldn't help thinking that the ground troops looked remarkably like the Borg from Star Trek & that Nell's 'voice globe' does look similar to the communicator that pops out of the door of Jabba The Hutt's palace in Return of The Jedi. This movie was released before either of these 2, so it's possible both of these things were lifted from this film. Great review!

Sketchy says:

Hey, that's the guy from part 2 of IT.
Hey, that's the guy from part 2 of IT.
Hey, that's the guy mole part 2 of IT.
Hey, that's the guy from part 2 of IT.

moon batchelder says:

You should review (if you havn't already) "THEM!".

FLOOD raid says:

PLAY halo wars 2 awakening the nightmare

Paul Sde says:

14:37 I died at the stormtroopers and gandalf joke XD

xeno cyde says:

ok I swear that theme music is the same from robot wars

Vova Syhin says:

I would have used the Total Recall joke instead of Starwars, 4:47.

Vincent Franklin says:

Cheesy, but interesting!

Charles Westfall says:

Wow, after 20 years I still learn things about Master of Orion II, the planet killer weapon's name came from this movie.

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