Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: FROM BEYOND

I kick off October with the Stuart Gordon cult classic “From Beyond” (1986), starring Jeffrey Combs.

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ch h says:

Great as usual brandon.

UnstableBastard 9495 says:

Ken already out creeped combs and also introduced the JOE GRIZZLY BITCH!!!

jweinrub says:

Seen this movie a long time on the Sci fi channel and it was awesome. Great review!

CinemaFanatic Productions says:

2:56 Dr. Pretorius is a reference to the character Ernest Thesiger played in Bride of Frankenstein.

Robert Rodriguez says:

Good review but how were the effects?

Sean Colin says:

Are you planning to do a attack of the killer tomatoes movie for October

Shockwave 2 says:

A movie that might catch your attention is Hell Comes to Frogtown, starring the late Roddy Piper, and Sandahl Bergman. And I'm wondering if Barbara Cranston's character inspired Harley Quinn…

TheGreaterGood80 says:

Definitely one of the better Lovecraft films

FoxenFlics says:

Do toxic shark.

Ardanrath says:

Jeffrey was pretty jittery,and creepy in Frighteners too I'd say.

horaciosi says:

I still don't get what's so funny about "Title drop!". Where's the joke?

thekingsunites says:

You could review the third tales from the crypt movie.

Chris Wiley says:

Long time fan and Patreon supporter. My son and I love the cult films you review. Would love to see your review of "King Kong vs. Godzilla". The 3rd film in the series in which Godzilla is still an evil monster. The American monster vs the Japanese one. Remake in 2020!! . Plus,I looped this movie for my kids when they were young. My oldest cried at 3 years old when Godzilla was beating Kong….right until he was struck by lightning and magically grew longer arms lol!

Nikolas Mace says:

Look at the movie King Cora πŸ™‚

Nikolas Mace says:

The monster and the are good πŸ™‚

Nikolas Mace says:

Look at king Cora πŸ™‚

Hispanic Hood Inc. says:

Brandon please tell me you'll review the Gingerdead man or/and Puppet Master!

Thomas Leblanc says:

That kinda makes me wish there would be a good horror movie with the cuthullu as the main antagoniste

Willie Stroker says:

11:07 to get flashed by a Gnome Flasher with a Slide whistle.

CubanPete1990 says:

Hey do a review of Frankenstein conquers the world!

Griff says:

Have you ever planned on reviewing The Land Unknown? That's a classic B-movie.

Sketchy says:

Horror month! I'm hyped!

EDIT: Oh. Yea, I guess you're right.

ChaosTicket says:

Brandon Ive noticed that in the past year many of the films you review have improved in quality to the point where I would watch or have actually seen them. Compare to say Gamera from years past.

William Hiers says:

Interestingly, Jeffrey Combs' character in The Guyver had the same thing that happens to Pretorius happen to him.

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