Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: Q: THE WINGED SERPENT

A movie with Shaft, Kwai Chang Caine & Harry Potter (sorta) in it? It’s Larry Cohen’s 1982 monster movie “Q: The Winged Serpent”.

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Donald Simmons says:

"I had to run again! I RAN TWICE IN ONE DAY!" Jimmy's the best.

Julie Bradwell says:

If your listening to this Brandon, do you accept requests from people on YouTube too?

Julie Bradwell says:

For your next review, let me ask you this. Are you eating it? Or is it eating you?

Julie Bradwell says:

Q vs Q vs Q

Julie Bradwell says:

For the next Godzilla movie you do, before Revenge that is, can you do a crossover with Gojifan1993 for the original Gojira, to prepare yourself?

Goji98 says:

do carnosaur

Jerry Hensley says:

oh my God I remember seeing Cisco and Ebert talk about this show when I was a kid and I had to go and find it at what buster

CubanPete1990 says:

Do review of Santa Claus conquers the martians!

Nick Langan says:

I love cocaine scat!

Nathaniel Gorto says:

Q stands for Quetzalcoatl

Diamhea says:

Lmfao @ "Gumby's uncle"

Reed Tardio says:

ty for this.I've never heard of this film before watching this.

Mathieu Leader says:

nice new paint on the walls and new sofa

FiletOfSole1 says:

Can You Review Some of the Early Peter Jackson Films, Like Bad Taste or Braindead (A.K.A. Dead Alive)?
Hi That Would be Desu Swell!

Joel Russell says:

Yes its a film and distributed but is it released?

mathew green says:

Thanks, a nice review of a great movie.

marthiantv says:

Review the beast in space

MattHawes says:

4:30 "Neil Diamonds"! LOL! What a pun!

Matt Spencer says:

MAN, THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME! Kinda surprised you've only just now gotten around to it. Also, us men SHOULD have birth-control pills to take! Take some burden of contraception off the ladies, AND outsmart the poke-holes-in-the-condom/drug-and-rape-you-as-a-baby-daddy-trap ones!

Mike Paul says:

Not the mama!

Nathan Key-No says:


Sepdiepew says:

Q is a good movie:-)

CGossRunnn says:

Birds menstruating? Isn't that just laying eggs

godzilla 2014,gmk godzilla,godzilla 1991 coolzilla says:

Can you do Godzilla raids agin

Charles Goldberg says:

Yay a kiju movie.

head hunter1915 says:

Review Traxx With Shadow Stevens

Gail Lewis says:

I'm so glad I no longer have to explain to my family why I'm screaming behind closed doors, and I certainly don't care what the neighbors think anymore. Gumby's uncle. My God.

SalfordianBlue says:

"If you're a fan of monster movies who doesn't mind gore and nudity"

It's like this film was specifically made for your audience. I'm tracking down a copy ASAP.

Elvys Pena says:

I usually pair up Q and The Stuff. Now THAT's an entertaining double bill!!

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