Build Your Own Wall Bed With A Do-It-Yourself Kit from Lift & Stor Beds

I’m Richard Abbey, with Lift & Stor Beds, here to show you our do-it-yourself wall bed kit, to create your wall bed. This particular bed here that we’ve created is an unfinished bed that’s ready to paint. But I could show you the hardware mechanism that’s in the kit that you can get at This kit uses a spring mechanism and It’s all-metal construction. And there’s a metal box around your mattress. So, the kit includes everything that you see here, except for the wood. You would build your bed yourself. And this bed is real springy because there’s no mattress in it. With a mattress, it would go down nice and easy. But it includes all the black metal hardware that you can see that goes around the mattress, the center stiffeners, the roll over leg, as well as the two-side spring mechanisms. And those are all available at

You have any specific questions about it, you can call us at 480-380-8018. And, I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have. And, if you have some moderate woodworking skills, this is something that you can build. The kit comes with instructions on how to cut out all the material for the storage or for the wall bed. And, how to assemble it, how to put the hardware on. And anyone with moderate to advanced woodworking skills, it’s a good, easy build. And it gives you some extra storage in your room. So, if you have any questions, visit us on our website at

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