DJI Spark: Today, we’re pushing the DJI Spark to its limits with Sport Mode! For more DJI Spark info visit: Social Links: Music: “Unrhythm”, “round 1″ ,”herocratic”, produced by Birocratic: [More]
Sitting volleyball was introduced to the world at the Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games. It requires a smaller court (10m x 6m) and a lower net, and the game is considerably faster than standing volleyball. It’s [More]
Motor sport, and F1 especially, has always sought to explore new technologies and the latest innovations but how will these advances impact sport in the future? In the third of our Sport 2.0 films, we [More]
In this upcoming Ri Collection in collaboration with the Centre of Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, Professor Steve Haake presents a hands-on guide to the field of sports engineering. With the Olympic games [More]
[MUSIC] In 490 BC a Greek messenger named Pheidippides ran from the Greek town of Marathon to the capital Athens to deliver a message that the Greek army had just beaten back the Persians, and [More]
100 things you should know about running apparel, races, training, nutrition, manners, etc. Apparel Tips Wear spandex shorts under your regular running shorts so you don’t chafe “down there.” Cotton socks will only lead to [More]
This is the first episode in a series exploring the process behind some high-quality items and the dedication their creators put into their craft. Chris Dekerf designs and creates custom made-to-order bicycles. He starts with [More]
Digital media capture + development by The bikes that I make under my name are intended to push the limits of my craftsmanship and my vision of the true integrated bicycle. I’m trying to [More]