CLOSE The old-new Castle city center and Battery Park is a hotspot for Pokemon GO players, and several residents are not satisfied with crowds, garbage or worse. 4/17/17 Xerxes Wilson, William Bretzger/The Information Journal Buy [More]
Summons7544m ago plus everyone here got a totally free popular. Individuals are stupid though, you swap down the servers OBVIOUSLY discover likely to be issues. That numerous folks concentrated in a single area, it’s no [More]
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By numerous records, the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago last week ended up being a deep failing of epic proportions. The main thing that numerous festival-goers found—instead of make-believe characters when you look at the [More]
If you are a Pokemon Go++ individual, and looking forward to Pokemon Go 1.39.1 IPA and 0.69.1 APK hack launch, then right here’s good news. Followers of this altered version of the worldwide smash [More]
This video was very educational lol Merch: Follow Me: Daz Black Channel: Merch: Twitter: Facebook Page : instagram: Snapchat: daz_black Headphones:… Specs: Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card PO [More]
Pokemon GO is updated to variation 0.69.1 for Android os and 1.39.1 for iOS devices. Here’s the patch notes:  Spark has returned to appraise Pokemon for Team Instinct Trainers Resolved an inspiration decay bug impacting Pokemon [More]