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Share this on: Favorite Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go have already been assured through the beginning. Its very first trailer showed a hypothetical occasion featuring a massive fight against Mewtwo. This site includes a schedule [More]
Niantic would be going to trial for fiasco at Pokemon Go Fest at Chicago give Park plus it became very a scene as followers booed Niantic’s CEO. The game machines stopped working that will be [More]
A lot happens to be said about Niantic Labs’ devastating Pokemon GO fest a week ago, that has been riddled with logistics dilemmas (mainly pertaining to attendees being incapable of play the game considering latency, [More]
Today, European players are going to be grumpy with Niantic due to Pokemon GO Safari becoming postponed totally while Pokemon GO gets it self figured out. It’s been a rough month for Niantic and Pokemon [More]
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Late yesterday, Pokemon Go announced a brand new inform that should fix a few irritating crash insects. It will drastically transform how gyms work.Multiple believed the main area of the enhance is Spark’s go back [More]
24 hours ago Breitbart 27 Views After the unmitigated tragedy which was Niantic’s “Pokemon get Fest” in Chicago on July 24, some specially discontent attendees like to take their [More]
The much-awaited “Pokemon Go” #Safari Zone activities are delayed. The latest announcement from Niantic Labs caused another dissatisfied among players regarding the extensively played augmented truth online game. Most recent announcement The Safari Zone occasions [More]
Start Slideshow Pokemon Go launched its rollout of Legendary Pokemon with a slick looking commercial that revealed an enormous raid with multiple Legendary Birds. Two of this Legendary wild birds (Articuno and Lugia) in the [More]