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To make this contact with me…. ১. গিটার বাজানো শিখতে চাইছেন? ২. জানতে চান গান লিখার সহজ গঠন-নিয়ম? ৩. ধারনা আছে প্রথমে কিভাবে গান সুর করা শুরু করতে হয়? ৪. সহজে মিউজিক বিষয়ক ফ্রি tutorial [More]
Representing two planets, iron, copper and a few Olympian gods, the classical symbols for female and male pack numerous that means into a couple of squiggly traces. The symbols themselves are historical, and the associations [More]
LAVA LAMP LIP GLOSS Recipe makes 10+ Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Tubes Create some groovy lip gloss that appears like a lava lamp!  LAVA LAMP LIP GLOSS INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil 1/8 cup Vegetable [More]
Unusual Wedding Rings and Thinking Outside the Box There are a great number of people utilizing the expression, think outside the box. Well, that’s because you can put on that term to almost anything. For example, [More]
Simple Wedding Rings. How to Choose Wedding Ring Sets His and Hers   Simple Wedding Rings have long been a part of the tradition of marriage. The highlight of every wedding ceremony, simple wedding rings [More]
Unipossum – Paper Mache   Unipossum. People keep asking me to make a paper mache unicorn.   Sorry.    I just don’t want to.  Actually, I did make one a long time ago.    The publishers of my [More]
Mara Tancu- cover Upside Down.- Paloma Faith. Dansatori Alyn Arhire si Andrei Pirlog. Cu sprijinul Dumbolino Land si Bogdan Oprea.