Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) Wedding String Quartet

String Quartet performance of Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol.

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Žaneta Mikulčíková says:

Why am I crying? Beautiful.

Jae Lim says:

You guys are amazing!!! Hope you can make it to full version!! 😘😘😘 gonna use it for my wedding 😍

Netskiman says:

Awesome, sounds great !!

Angelouish WP says:


Iris Cabatu says:

I keep coming back to this video, it's so beautiful. If I ever get married I want you all to be there

Jefferson Rodrigues says:

muito lindo

Jam Paguntalan says:


Luz Rincón Ramos says:

Imagine for just a second you're finally engaged with that someone you waited all Your Life and finally the most espectacular day it's happening, and he or she looks at you like there's none else anymore and it's done.

Kelli McHugh says:

This is going to be my wedding song 🙂 ( because of greys anatomy ;( )

Nick Fernandez says:

For us who live in the US but REALLY enjoy your version of the song… is there anyway we can buy your cover on itunes or purchase it somehow to play at a wedding?

Pamela Lo says:

this is beautiful and so perfect! I love love the tempo! such a lovely cover!!!!!

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