Custom Doll After Ever After High Holly, Poppy & Lizzie

by request: Take a look at our After Ever After High Custom Dolls!! … This time we give Holly, Poppy & Lizzie the Royal make over!

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Koala N. says:

Can you do Blondie next?

MyFroggyStuff says:

Get a fresh brewed behind the scenes look at our Doll Coffee Shop!! … vid
up soon! … click the link for a sneak peek!

MyFroggyStuff says:

Happy Customizing!

Megan G. says:

x screams x YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR
THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D

Troy Ritter says:

After ever after and after monster high series? 

Ankie AC says:

omgggg that lizzie off with your head impression was so good!!

Park-Jun Chae Lee says:

Finally *-* ♥

Christina James says:

welcome to the 301+ clup! time to paaarrrtttttyyy!

Sabiduría Virtuosa says:

Hi! 🙂 Why don’t you show Lammily doll anymore?

*My daughter and I were wondering..

Aggressive Barbie says:

This is lovely! :D

LPS Water Kitty says:

I think you should make a after ever after high of the boys!!!!

Ingrid Rivases Gomez says:

4th comentaire 

Jenifer Velazquez says:

YAY i love your customs i saw it on instagram and got so excited!

Kelly Guan says:

Can you do a how to make doll chips video? I really want to make chips for
my dolls to enjoy. #FoodFinatic

paulina dudek says:

Finely holly and poppy 

Saylor Cole says:

Saw this and was like… Yassssssss!!!!!!

suthy phankuy says:

I remember requesting for them on ur last aftereah also who voiced Lizzie

LPS Silver Skies says:

Cool! :)

01RosiePie says:

Wow, adorable Froggy!❤️ they’re adorable!

Kitty Cheshire says:

Omg awesome can u do ️Kitty maybe though it will be hard to find a Barbie
body XD

Simply batwoman says:

AWESOME! can u do blonde locks, kitty Cheshire, and duchess swan? 

AG Bliss says:

I loved this video it was so cute. Great job and fabsome on

Milky Cat says:

I like poppys

Alianah Renee Delagrandeanse says:


Doll Dreamcatcher says:

thank you so much for making this, I just got Poppy and Holly

olgamaria estrada says:

Under 301 club

Drewski217 says:

Can you please tell me what you used to remove the wood grain on the head
of your ‘After Ever After’ Cedar?

K Clark says:

Can you do videos like the darbie show except with after ever after high

Diana Garcia says:

hi froggy so I have a idea what if you make tanck top and short’s bye :3

Michipster :D says:


LK Doll Collection says:

Love the looks you came up with these doll and lol a 1,000 page paper due
after the break i would run out of the lecture hall screaming :D

Noelle W says:

Im actually testing right now! I should be studying but im watching you XP

Manualidades Naomi says:

???? wooow that’s interesting

Renesmee Cullen says:

Neat! I might do that with my ever after high dolls I have Ashlynm, Apple
and Raven what Barbie style doll did you use can you give me the names so I
know the skin tone will match I would love to be able to make clothes for
them to wear.

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