Destiny 2 Lore The Fulminator, Shadow of Calus

Destiny 2 Lore The Fulminator, Shadow of Calus
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Welcome back guardians to another Destiny 2 Lore episode. In today’s episode we continue with the Shadows Of Calus series, specifically the Fulminator. The Lore of the fulminator is revealed in the Warlock raid gear set from the Leviathan Raid. Reading each Leviathan Raid piece from helm to boots will reveal the lore of the Fulminator! Hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 lore episode.



Daniel says:

Is that why Gary wears the mask? Because of the assassination attempt?

MEXICANninja001 says:

Lord of arc!

Basically A Person says:

Here are some ideas:
1. The prestige raid lore which was changed will slowly be fed to us in the upcoming raid Lairs.
2. The arkborn's may be how guardians could wield the power of arc energy in destiny 1's storm caller quest.

Saul Bandera says:

Could you do a lore video on Fundament?

Wolff Bachner says:

As a guardian, I now feel a deep kinship and affection for the Fulminator. I would have liked to have spoken to her and even traveled those interstellar conduits with her. May your journey be blessed, Fulminator.

Ghoststride says:

So sad that destiny 2 lore about the cabal is boring.

Pusto24 says:

I have a question that's really been making me scratch my head. After we learned more about the hive, namely what they have to do in order to survive, why didn't guardians set up some sort of blockade or something in order to prevent the hive from feeding their worms?

Star Blaze79 Gaming says:

Long live the fulminator

Khiem Truong says:

My friends and I believe it was her doing that lead to the red war. Her touch torture & nearly killed Ghual. His eye are blood shot as if he's been seriously injured by electricity. Before the Cabal were more interested in the Vex war. Then they met undying guardians that killed the Primus & Valus of the dune marchers. Likely they were after time tech but found traveler light better so the attacked orxy to learn to steal light


Perhaps there are other elemental beings to match void and solar. We know Calus encountered a massive void wall during his travel and pure elemental beings open a door to a universe teaming with life where we thought none could exist.

GABITH says:


Maybe it was the Fulminator’s attack on Ghaul that made Ghaul interested and aware of the Travelers Light, misidentifying the sentient Arkborn for a Stormcaller

MegaRadomstuff says:

How come we never notice a Cabal festival on the edge of our solar system?

Sam Little says:

I vsd you the other day and msgd you and ya dogged me #feelsbadman

Space Man says:

Do the titan armor next pls! 🙂

Mason17418 says:

It's too bad we never got to meet the Fulminator

Konrad Sutherland says:

Still gotta do ace-defiant 🌹

Crimson Flyer says:

Arkborn… Peace

Tony K-rashmandulu ,king of the lemurs says:

Fun fact: dominus means master in latin and ghaul was what the Romans called French people. Master French

Krimson VVraith says:

This kinda reminds me of "The expendables"

Augustine Apaw says:

If we don't see a new enemy race in this raid lair or an actual giant monster, i'm going to be pissed. they have all these awsome ideas and stories such as the Shadows of Calus, please surprise us Bungie. i liked your vid btw

Twitch1411 says:

It would have been amazing if we had to fight the shadows in the leviathan

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