DIY CURL & PIN HAIR TUTORIAL – Using the Instyler

Hellllooooo thereee.. in this video I show you how I curl & pin my hair which was highly requested to do. I can’t stress enough that I am by in no means any sort of hair dresser this is just my own way of keeping a curl lasting longer in my hair. The brush that I use in a tangle teaser as it doesn’t get caught in my bonds and the curling tool is called the instyler. The instyler has a rotating barrel which you can change the direction of depending which way you want the curl to go. I usually sleep with these curls pinned to make sure there well set or else just keep pinned for as long as I can. Any more questions or queries don’t hesitate to comment below or reach out to me on any of my social media accounts.
Lots of love , EK. X


Katy Martins says:

How long do you leave them pinned for?☺️x

Jamie Johnston says:

Looks so nice! Your hair colour is lovely x

Jade Likes jellybeans says:

Do a going out makeup tutorial x

maryellen corcoran says:

Love your channel please post more makeup tutorial videos xx

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