DIY Valentine’s Day Party! DIY Photo Booth, Decor, Treats, Outfits and more!

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So for today’s video, I decided to do a DIY Valentines Day Party video where I show you guys DIY Decor and Treats, Outfit Ideas and a DIY Photobooth! I hope this video gives you some ideas for a Valentines Day Party!

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Songs Used In Video:
Better When I’m Dancing- Meghan Trainor
Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya
The Judge- Twenty One Pilots
Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying- Sabrina Carpenter
Gone, Gone, Gone- Philip Philips

p.s. i don’t own these songs, they are the artist aboves!😉

Thank you Belen for being the video! Check out her channel, Beleneepooh x!

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