Do it yourself : CF based SSD

DIY SSD drive with 3 standard CF (Compact Flash Memory Card) ! You just need the DIY SSD (you can buy it on ) and 3CF. We have make demonstration with the Sata version (an IDE version is available) and a Stage Rack (the black box) for easy plug/unplug. The DIY SSD have Raid5 support !

Fabriquez vous meme un disque SSD a base de 3 CF. Pour cela vous avez juste besoin d’un DIY SSD (vous pouvez l’acheter sur ) et 3 CF. On a fait la demonstration avec une version Sata (une version IDE est disponible) et un Stage Rack (la boite noir) pour brancher debrancher facilement. Le DIY SSD support le Raid5 comme vous pourrez le voir !


angelbaby119 says:

super bonne ! … ,,,………

abbie5gk says:

,cool superbe la video merci

abbie5gk says:

ยงloooll trop bonne la video hihi

amiralsims says:

The second Track is Avender Oil ๐Ÿ™‚

gpjt says:

Cool gadget, cooler music ๐Ÿ˜›

It sounds like the first song is “3:30” by Coppe as downloadable at But what’s the second track? It sounds like it might be called “My Tears Become Lavender Oil” but her track of that name’s an acoustic number…

Arigato gozaimasu / Merci millefois ๐Ÿ™‚

devnevyn says:

Cool, thanks for showing us. Interesting gadget.

What’s the music? The last song is awesome.

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