Do It Yourself (with a little help!)

Whether it’s doing a complex meals recipe or putting together virtually any such thing from IKEA, wouldn’t it is nice if you had a helping hand from a person who had a little knowledge?! That’s the theory behind this smart wearable! Sensei, virtually convert from Japanese as “one created before another”, was created to link users with experts who are able to assist them to with many different jobs.

Users must just offer Sensei one push become added touch with a specialist who are able to assist all of them with whatever they’re doing. As silly whilst seems, the forehead mounted design provides specialists on the other end a first-person view of what the user does, which makes it very easy to guide them. Imagine the possibilities! A mechanic to help you with a fast car fix… a gardener that will help you select the right flowers for the climate… a trainer to instruct your puppy brand new tips. With many experts offered by the push of a button, it encourages a DIY attitude and transfer of knowledge!

Designer: DJ Sanghera







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