“Dunkirk” Movie Review | Richard Roeper Reviews


Manufanatic 99 says:

Well to be clear most of the civilian boats were used under military leadership.

Bartek Bierbasz says:

Mr. Richard is top movie critic cause he can appriaciate various movie styles and forms unlike some marvel fanboys like JJ hating on anything that is not character focused storyline…

j c says:

this turd is so full of inaccuracies, cliches, melodrama -omg don't even know where to begin to explain how bad this movie is, just easier to say IT IS AT THE VERY TOP OF MY NEVER TO WATCH AGAIN LIST

1nav says:

Roeper you are straight up lying to not rock the boat on this one. You see the obvious tell when you look away when you say the editing is first rate.

Jaime Martinez says:

Roeper gives out 4 stars like candy

birdsoup777 says:

Great review and to the point. I lost count how many SJW reviews of this move i skipped before i found this one

doug avila says:

Nolan deserve a Best Director Oscar. Totally due. He's the best visionary directory today. This film just blew me away.

Princess Bubblee says:

Can never decide who's the bigger cuck film reviewer: Roeper or Kermode.

TheDeadlyAvenger says:

It was incredible in IMAX

lady09giggles says:

It is kind of a weird feeling, but I love how professional many of the men were. They had a job to do and they did everything they can to do it despite how terrifying the situation was. It reminded me how much respect I have for soldiers.

Brett Tracy says:

Saw it tonight, loved it. Remember, it's telling three stories, one over a week, one over a day, one over an hour. If you understand that, the movie will make much more sense.

Nick Canino says:

I'm seeing it tomorrow night. Thanks Roeper! 🙂

Trish Page says:

Thanks for the review. It's looks amazing!


Great review sir

MaritimeWolf says:

Pronounced Rylince…

Entaro says:

Thanks Mr. Roeper, you are my only stop to see if a movie is worth it or not these days.

Immuntocrap 2 says:

Hitler had let them escape

starkingbiker says:

In Nolan, we trust.

Brannon H says:

Always agreed with your opinion, so now I'm pumped.

Craig House says:

Thanks Mr. Roeper. I've been waiting for this one and glad to hear a positive review from an opinion I respect!

G.W. says:

Roeper should be having more subs, man. One of the most consistent and reliable movie critics.

Louis DelValle says:

Have trusted your reviews for decades now, thanks.

Darth Dev says:

can't wait to see this. I hope Nolan gets a nomination for director. long overdue

sleeperx9 says:

Cool review, I'm in.

Dan Campbell says:

On the list. Thanks, Richard.

CatMan DO says:

Is the sound good or is it Interstellar?

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