Ennerdale in the English lake district. Just beautiful in all weathers.

It might be too cold and wet to garden but dogs need walked. A walk in the English lakes one day a walk on the Sea shore the next. This is a FREE subscription channel.


Dorothy cripplewing says:

great scenery and a good time was had by all!

My Town Garden says:

It looks like a good time was had by all !
Thanks for posting

Mark Davidson says:

Like you say a lovely place, And the dogs look like they had fun……

keaton smith says:

Home grown veg, are you from around the north easy? When you speak I hear Geordie/Bit Mackem

Marina Wilson says:

What a great place! I've done most of Lake District but not that bit where Molly was swimming. Great to share, thanks.

Mal metcalfe says:

That's some doggie day out .

livinglife gardener says:

molly is pretty brave! I know that water has to be freeving!:)

Miss Linda says:

Abslolutely beautiful. Good to see the country when you live in a city. You forget how much you miss it.

john dolan says:

old sea dogs jim,is that braystones

Robert Morley says:

Did those diving ducks make it back to the surface?

jus4funtim says:

You're my kind a guy. there's nothing like the smell of wet dogs it a car.

In the garden with Papa says:

Thank for the tour… I see the dogs enjoyed it too

melovescoffee says:

The Ennerdale monster!!.. ohh no. Just a diving duck.
You live in such a beautiful country. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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