Funny Moments #2

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Beasty Games says:

I love you guys so much <3

Joseph Showdown says:

First clip was from the last video ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hero_In_Jail Gaming says:

I went over to him and I said: โ€œ Hey kid, squeeze my noseโ€ IM Dying

Hero_In_Jail Gaming says:

If you didnโ€™t laugh to each and every one of these clips you either have no soul or u arenโ€™t human

sladeblade22 says:

best part was the end

PhantomDaZeFan2006 says:

Beasty your channel makes me laugh so hard I wake up the whole house

Eastonia says:

I showed my friends ur vids and they think ur hilarious

Nyu says:


Nyu says:

4:24 when your boii is just right

p5ych0t1cn1nja says:

SHADOWS OF MORDOR is one of my favorite games

p5ych0t1cn1nja says:


LazGamers6 says:

People say That Beasty is a joke. But i think otheriwse… that

Beasty is the funniest joke and a Light in our darkest hours. I love your channel so much. I have finally been here for a accumalated time of a whole year! Your amazing beasty.

ThE InFaMoUs1 says:

beasty looks like chris pratt

starwars4life_rmm says:

i honestly want u to have more subs. u definitely deserve more than wat u have. every day u upload with hard work and i have seen many videos of yours. plus i have been subbed since ur main channel was at 100k and i have seen u get better day after day get better with content. i think a goal you could achieve is by the end of 2018, get 1 mil on at least one channel.

darth_z polee says:

name reveal pleasee

Brandon Vandergrift says:

Beasty your an animal, just a pure beast in your natural habitat. You should bring back some overwatch! Friggin love that game

Neon Lights says:

Wow I never know u play rainbow that game is fire just like u no Homo

Paynraven Gaming says:

Play fnaf 6 it not scary at all

GoldenFreddy949 Freddy says:

i love your vids

Infinity Brothers says:

I love this house and make a house/set up vid

Elmortle Gaming says:

thanks for making my day

Elmortle Gaming says:


Alexander Culshaw says:

Beasty you are one of the funniest people on YouTube and you help make my days better after your videos thank you!

Kelvin Chen says:

Lol this is pg Satan

BastionMain99 says:

I swear beastly is drunk half the time

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