Game of Thrones Violin Cover

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An acoustic and electric violin cover of the main theme song from Game of Thrones. Arranged and performed by Jason Yang. Original song and soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi.



Game Music Boster says:

Türkler buradamı ?????? 😀 like layında +1 de yazın yukarıda kalak beyler

Tuyết Tuyết says:

Ban quo dua ca nam ban co lam dung tat ca moi viec het chua vay !!! toi rat ho then cho nguoi viet nam lam a !!! mot ngon tay chi nguoi con bon ngon tay chi vao tim ban do co thay dau lam ko ban !!!

Senbonzakura Kageyoshı says:


José Walter Lima says:

Awesome work, buddy!!

Fries Sims says:

sry guys but i know youre all tryns look the same but a guys hairs a lil too black


stop. where is fckn pizzicato in the end?

Rafael Helerbrock says:

How many kagebunshin no jutsu, impressive

Ecktor says:

Perfection. A man is thankful.

TheConversePlayer Oficial says:

Dude!! This is awesome!!

WH40KHero says:

Lyrics are as follows:

Wiener, wiener wiener, wiener wiener…

(whoever gets it first gets nothing but the satisfaction that comes from getting a joke another person might not)

AnonymousPoop RYTP says:

Сиськи и драконы! Навсегда!

Bob B. says:

Going from You Tube to joining the band for Madonna on tour. Nice job, Jason. I was there from the beginning watching your star rise.

Beatrice Herrera says:

When all the parts played in unison 😍👌🏼

Andrey Vartovsky says:

Там есть карлик, там есть карлик, там есть карлик, там есть карлик

Ginny Weasley says:

Brace yours elves,


Don Santiago Ramon Cajal says:

It would be great if Ramin arranged for this version to be played to open one of the episodes in the remaining 2 seasons. Jason's work here is of exceptional quality.

Track Gurl says:

When you get an eargasm from your own playing @0:22 top right

Alfredo Rafael Caricaturas says:

Simply beautiful. Congratulations.

Serenay Taç says:

Kökle moruk sesi kökle

Nina Turner says:

this is sick

Luke Pratapas says:

Damn you guys' mom must have had a hella time giving birth to you all at once

SeñorPollo MC says:

i can't even draw a straight line

Reuue says:


Ibi Mepo says:

Which software do you use to make such video ?

Patricia Kfouri says:

I loved it!
I am playing rain of castamere, in piano, guitar, violin and cello.
What program did you used to film and edit?

Dylan Baer says:

Why is everyone being so racist

Yusuf Balta says:

helal çinli

matheus nascimento says:

Im cry 😢

Flora Isabelle says:

bravo!! 👏👏

Angelo Croes says:

I don't condone rape but the replay button had it coming !!

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