Garden of Glass with Martygames – Episode 4 – Home Improvement

Garden of Glass is a Modded SkyBlock Mappack that focuses on the mod Botania. There are many challenges that await to be completed. Lets see how we fair.

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Shaun Does Everything says:

This series is pretty cool, I definitely enjoy watching you two progress. In response to your "Behind the Scenes or Skip To Important Parts" question, I'd suggest keeping the current layout of jumping right to progression, though some halfway sneak peeks could be cool! Also, an Orechid Ignem spawns Nether Quartz ore around it from netherrack (I believe it only works in the nether), and if you have TiC or BoP installed, it will also generate Ardite, Cobalt, and Malachite. Hope my comment was useful! 😊

Utoxin says:

Yeah, Marty is /barely/ audible. Still loving the series though. Going to have to play some Garden of Glass myself. :)

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