Gerilyn Reviews Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo 🐴 😂 | Watch & Go

Gerilyn reviews the comedic stylings of…Brad Paisley?! If you’ve watched this Comedy Rodeo, let us know! What should we review next?

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Did you watch Gerilyn get braids for the FIRST time?!

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NaturallyCurly says:

We think Gerilyn's doing a pretty good job taking care of her braids! Watch her get braided up for the FIRST time in her LIFE:

portugesemixi says:

Ooh I like her!

Chinaija says:

She kept the braids!!

Tatjana van de Noort says:

I love your personality.. Beautiful and funny! 👍

Saran says:

I really enjoyed watching this, it’s soothing

Katrina says:

But Gerilyn, your humor is mad dry! lol!

chynawhyte37 says:

Ive enjoyed this video, I would love to see more of her.

Alayne McGaw says:

I love her braids

Stacee Lea A says:

Yes.. Brad Paisley can sing and his guitar game is magical…

Kyla Fuller says:

Gerilyn went from never had wore braids before to a “braid care expert” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Good Job!!

LaLabutterfly says:

4:17 isn't that the point of comedy though?… It's nice to see another face on watch and go become a regular, hopefully.

Airman Jo says:

I will watch her again

Trent Nelson says:

…So this gets a high rating from you guys, but 'The Incredible Jessica Williams', staring an ACTUAL natural-haired Black woman, gets shade thrown at it? Im starting to think the sponsorships in these videos are affecting the content and opinions.

Robin Butts says:

He has an awesome voice.

Lauren Jewel says:

lmao i love this

jpage813 says:

Yaaasss Brad Paisley is a fave!

Lavender Williams says:

Gerilyn is too cute !!!!!

Okalani Wilson says:

I love her braids UGH

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