Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!)

Get ripped abs like a shredded pro athlete here

If you want to get abs like a gymnast you have to train like a gymnast, even at home. It’s not a cliche. The best way to get abs is to perform ab exercises that force you to seal up your body’s natural energy leaks and get your core to fire first. Gymnasts and other athletes know this and have perfected this in all exercises that they do. It’s time for you to start getting your abs to work the right way so you too can have ripped abs that look great in any light.

In this video, I cover the topic of ab muscle firing patterns. If you are going to be your strongest, you need to be sure that your abs and core are able to be fired or contracted first…before any peripheral movement occurs. If you can do this, you are able to accomplish two things. First, you stabilize the spine and trunk so the movement becomes safer to perform. This is especially important on some of the bigger exercises like the deadlift.

Second, this allows the energy and strength that you do develop to be transferred from the lower body up or the upper body down, without dissipation. This is key to moving and functioning like an athlete. In order to get your abs to pop you need to be sure that you can engage them on demand. By practicing the two ab exercises shown here, you’ll be able to start doing that in no time.

The first ab exercise shown is called the pike dip. You want to get in a dip position either using dip bars or the corner of a kitchen counter if you’re doing these ab exercises at home. From here, you keep your arms locked out and simply try to lift your butt and trunk upwards against the force of gravity by contracting your abs.

You may find that you want to bend your arms to help cheat your body up on every rep. Resist the urge and keep the intensity on the abs themselves.

The next exercise is the dip bar variation of the popular L-sit ab exercise. Here you are trying to teach your body to be strong and stabile while initiating and holding a strong ab contraction. You should look to hold the l sit position for up to 30 seconds if you are able. Here again, you can do this ab exercise at home to get abs by using the corner of a kitchen counter.

If you are ready to start getting a complete step by step program on how to get abs like a gymnast or any athlete for that matter, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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sintetsu2 says:

I get a clunking pop sound in my lower spine when I twist my torso. any
idea wtf that might be?

Ash Khandoker says:

Holy shit did your body improve with age or something? I dont know if my
eyes are playing games with me but it looks like you put on more muscle and
more ripped then in your previous vids? Also I saw your meal plan example
vid and am having carbs and protein in every meal regardless of starchy or
complex hech i’m a endo and mesomoprh hybrid and still got abs. I don’t
want to sound like i’m boasting but people give way too much maybe even
tremendous amounts of pressure on their diet. All you need to do is keep it
balanced and of course protein protein and more protein. of course you need
creatine and lysine rih foods like eggs and meat. So yeah i gave a big
middle finger to diet within 2 weeks of following athleanx xero and still
getting jacked and moving with explosiveness everyday and the level of
energy is ridiculously high. Ok if you want faster results then you do need
to be a little strict e.g. absence of fried food but that’s only a tiny
amount of effort so ye Jeff Cavaliere is the real deal and it’s probably
the ideal vbody what most people should be aiming for with the hectic
lifestyle people lead these days it’s more beneficial to your body than you
think so give it a shot and hopefully you can thank Jeff later. 

columkenn says:

Trying these using the backs of chairs, works just as well

nyinfamous2k2 says:

I just purchased a suspension trainer to add core to every exercise due to
the unstable nature of suspension traps. maybe if you could do a few videos
on some variations and full workouts with this type of system im sure lots
of us would find that helpful. So far im loving these things, only had them
a week but its been giving me a killer workout, much harder then just free
weights alone. thanks. 

Paul Barrios Duque says:

I can control L-sit because of my triceps not my core actually. Im screwd

Katherine Jaconello says:

You are absolutely right and that’s my problem. I don’t do that. I am going
to try.

ItTastesLikeCoConut says:

Will activating your abs before/during a bench press increase strength? I
have tried this before but was under the impression that it sent blood and
other resources to your abs instead of the main muscles in the exercise.
Also what is the video called that discusses energy leaks?

nyinfamous2k2 says:

awesome info as always

Lewis Byers says:

Will these exercises building muscles as well? It sounds like a real

SculptedFITNESS9433 says:


john lawe says:

Hey Jeff, any tips on strengthening the shoulder blade? Ive been diagnosed
with a winging scapula (im old) and I need to train it back into shape.

Chris C says:

great vid jeff, the functional movement workouts you do are 2nd to none

MrVinceChannel says:

Taking the same theory to baseball, if you contract before starting your
hitting a baseball sequence, would you be able to hit the ball further? 

funkman70 says:

Great video Jeff, I would like to see a video of you showing how to use
gym rings for a workout. 

Malik Jones says:

Does contracting the abs work with jumping as well?

ry4nx says:

the first movement my triceps cramp from being so flexed

Davin Tromp says:

Whats up jeff i am finishing AX1 in 3 weeks for the second time and i would
really like if you can make a video on a daily stretch routine before bed
time. Thanks man

Roc Hallaway says:…lol

J.C Meza says:

What your thoughts on flexibility? 

HMTraining says:

search “advanced ab workout with coach megan” extremely hard

mangobanana says:

Great video jeff, really helpful

Jon Doe says:

Jeff, what are your thoughts on Gymnastic rings? 

martim90 says:

very cool! I’m trying these tomorrow in the gym. Thank you!

Lowell Dizon says:

Thanks Jeff, I will try this tomorrow at the gym!

krc0046 says:

Thanks for bringing back the washboard Wednesdays. 

john ingham says:

Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!):

Spartakitty says:

I have a stubborn problem Jeff. How do you get rid of belly fat so your ab
exercises will show. I don’t have much. Just lower belly fat. I have no
problems with my upper abs ( can see them), but I can’t get rid of the mini
rubber tire around my lower belly. Help!!

john ingham says:

Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!):

sameer says:

i love your videos and agree with all the scientific principles u try to
incorporate.keep up the good work.

Alive79311 says:

Dope vid!!

Curt Curtf says:


klq x says:

I like recently videos talking about working out at home. However, I live
at a small dorm. Any more helpful suggestion?

john ingham says:

Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!):

Brice Lawrence says:


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