Getting Underground At The Abandoned Emperor Mine

Although it is harder to tell than with some other abandoned mines, this mine, which was primarily a silver mine, had a lot going on underground. According to a report I read from the mid-1980s, there are approximately 6,000 feet of underground workings at this site. Additional reports indicated that the two shafts intersected with multiple levels – 70’, 100’, 200’, 250’ as well as at least one significant decline. The first indications of production I saw dated back to 1921 and by 1988 all work seems to have tapered off.


Lee Hilton says:

From the looks of what was layin around in that building someone is still working that area in some form or another. Nice video man. Did you take any samples out of there?

JD Hartman says:

Probably some indication of the date the water was bottled printed on the label.

Dave Beckley says:

How did that heavy hoist get turned? Didn't appear to be in the location to serve a head frame for that vertical shaft. I'm always curious as to how some of the heaviest pieces of equipment have been moved from their original location. What is the highest elevation that you've explored? In Colorado I've been up more than a 1000 feet above timberline which is about 11,500 feet. Just carrying myself up there is a lunge buster so I can't imagine having moved equipment like that hoist, boilers, lumber, and all the rest it takes to drive a shaft. Someone had to wander around up there to find the mother lode from which the pay broke away from. I was a young pup then and it would almost do me in. Altitude sickness sent me back down several times.

Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places says:

That shaft and hoist at the end of your video also looked pretty cool! Good finds!

Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places says:

That cabin was pretty well furnished for being out in the middle of nowhere! All the bottled water and the beds and the empty pizza box – crazy! Nice shot looking down the vertical shaft. Looks like there were platforms with alternating ladders and not just one long, straight drop.

Headframe Hunters says:

Where is this mine? Arizona?

Tom says:

Good video thats one heavy duty hoist and a great view too.

British Columbia Ghost Mines says:

What cool site!! Man I'm itching to see what's down those shafts, but guess we'll never know!!! At least you got to explore an adit in the process. Like you were saying it looks like the second vertical shaft was older workings and we're not worked as much when they were there last. Thanks for the tour!!!

Cornish Exploring With Alex says:

what a quite place you explored there mate and that headframe was in tacked as well whitch was good to see and that little mine was intresting as the tracks didnt go that far in hence why it was a dead end . but also beautiful views from the top 🙂

vburke1 says:

I wonder why someone would take the bearing pillow block caps off the winch drum shaft and just leave them that way. Weird.

Cornish Mine Explorer says:

Some great surface features! Love the old wood-lined shafts, they survive better in the dry conditions than they do over here where they go rotten very fast! Great video, hope there's more to see of this mine soon!

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