Halloween Week Day 6 – Cleaver to the Head

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It is Halloween Week and this is day 6!
And todays tutorial is about how to make the cleaver to the head and the Chef’s knife to the head.
These are two very easy yet very fun projects. You just need a few basic supplies and you can
have yourself a unique prop for halloween. Just remember to duck when you pass through doorways!

And of course I give you the template. It is right here on the web tutorial:

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For More Halloween Projects check out my playlist here:

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Brandi Perry says:

Make a lancer helmet and sword

Tyler Kremer says:

if u get the chance will u make a ball bearing slide hiddin blade cuz all the other versions r so complicated and it would be a lot of help
plz do this

Darkiplier Fischbach says:

This is awesome but to make it look more creepy add a little black to the red and make it look like real blood. Just a tip! 😜💀

lerajie666 says:

New to your channel. You have some cool videos up. Going to use some of the techniques for my filming. Thank you. You got a new sub

RajinAhmed BD says:

i also made too. It's really easy

Harmony XVI says:

I wish you were my dad! D:

genard hermosado says:

Faster way to do this. Take a real knife and stab it in your head

Anouk Ketelaars says:

Yeah! I am going to make an arrow to the head!

Darkspace99 says:

EpicFanasty I'm making mine at if cardboard should I use cereal box card board or the harder box like cardboard?

killerfluffy267 says:

I just finished my costume with one night to spare!

Stronghold Crafter Kev says:

Love the video. It kind of reminds me of the dwarf in the hobbit movies who has a Hatchett stuck in his skull.

Shark .Shoes says:

Cleaver template is not working! :C

AwsumGamer256 says:

Pls make a Jason vorhees machete

Emperor Sto says:

u should update your intro. keep the same ideas like telling people what you do, just make it a bit more updated, modern, and less grainy. not trying to offend, i love the current intro, this is just a suggestion

assasin gamer says:

can you do a samurai helmet

Frank Grimes says:

Will what do you do for a living. Just curious

Michael 001 says:

I just love halloween projects! great and creative ideas! Awesome!

Rector says:

As I was streaming through videos on YouTube I saw a method on making paper swords with hardened paper and Popsicle sticks the channel name is returacan and I thought you would like it considering all the foam board swords you make I think you should check it out I have also been a subscriber for about a year now and keep doing what your doing you are one of my favorite youtubers.

Halloweenville says:

Spooktacular Project ! it's on my project list.

Scotty says:

Wow,man you are inspire me to do the amazing things you make!you are really awesome!! Continue the great job!!!

Amir Katz says:

Make Kili's sword from The Hobbit out of foamboard

StittersHD says:

Keep up the good work love your videos

TheZapperz says:

Can i make it using a hat? Like stick the knife into my hat?

Lewii Toons says:

the only thing i would change is the blood to a more crimson red u might maack the axe lster and the nifes tommorow

Isaac Newton says:

Can you do an arrow to the knee?

Spolchen ỌὠỌ says:

I give you 1 ref for the hat!

Phraxdust says:

This is a really cool tutorial. 

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