Hanging out and Fixing Cars! – Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Livestream

The latest Car Mechanic Simulator game is out, and I’m mildly obsessed with growing my business! I’ve been working on a lot of cars between videos to build up money, earn XP, and advance the game, and thought it would be fun to hang out on livestream with you while I work. Unlike some of the other games I’ve streamed that require a lot of focus on the game, Car Mechanic Simulator is really laid back, which should make it easier to follow the chat as well!


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chidera mbagho says:

are u doing more car mechanic sim 2018 and if u do can i get a shout out

chidera mbagho says:

do more live stream

spuddy Richardson says:

Took me 3 videos of you on this game to subscribe, love the style and just cool and calm way you do your videos and love cars and stuff like this so perfect game 🙂

kc8enb says:

who else was screaming at the screen "Coil" while the green car? lol

Andrew Cantin says:

I think that yellow car is supposed to be a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Kellydog 64 says:

Can you piz get rid of chat when you upload the vid piz

Sean Makiuchi says:

thanks for showing this game, i think im going to buy it 😀
by the way, i think that yellow car that you've bought is actually more like Audi TT

william werber says:

Nothing but Pizza boxes and Mountain Dew cans everywhere! Same as real life, you'd have to remove a starter to test it! Yet I agree diagnostics are the key!

Connor Hanson says:

You should play slime rancher it's free for people with Xbox live, I played it in the past couple days

Karl Goody says:

Are you going to do the 57 Chevy ?? Sorry I mist the live steam I've put alarms on now as I done want to miss anymore. Keep up the great work

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