Health, Beauty & Fashion Tips to Help Prepare for Your Exams

It’s almost time for finals! To make sure you look and feel your best during this time, check out these few helpful tips!

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Asian Beauty Secrets says:
Shiela R says:

AP exams are coming. Thank you this is very helpful! :)!

JimbobVlogs says:

That whole ‘factual’ moment about only using 10% of the brain just made me
cringe sooo badly. If you’d have even GOOGLED any of that or done any
research of any kind, you’d have seen that its completely a myth and FALSE.

Ivy Yang says:

What lipstick are you wearing?!

Tia says:

omg 10% brain myth got me all laughing LOL someone actually believes it!

Fion E. says:

… exams (AND ASSIGNMENT!!) T.T

Alicia Qiao says:

All the puns!

Stephanie Maldonado says:

Familiar faces from off the great wall, yay! 🙂 

Bibimbapski says:

If 90% of the brain wasn’t used then many neural pathways would degenerate.

shogunchorey says:

Sorry Mia, I adore you but we do NOT use only 10% of our brain. That myth
has been debunked time and time again ):

ashley 盧 says:

i think i could have saved 11 minutes to study some more… :3

pradnya jethe says:

Wht a coincidence
My xams r goin on it ws really helpful

Sandy Bang says:

literally what I was gonna search for. So helpful!

Dulce Silva says:

i love your gglasses sooooo much *o*

Natasha Blong says:

We actually use 100% of our brain, just only around 10% of it at a time.
All if it is used though… Thanks for the tips! ;)

Clara Tron says:

You’re wrong. More than 10% of our brain is used 

Joycelyn To says:

Ohh they r from off the great wall ^^ thats soo awesome!! Love u guys

Han Nguyen says:

Ouch to your credibility after that 10% remark… >.<

eminemm4lifee says:

your seriously the only youtuber i look forward to!!! ur sooo real and
helpful i love u mia!!! please dont change

Leo says:

lol 10%…

just a superwholock girl says:

We use more than 10%…

Minji Kim says:

First comment❤️

Aimee Bergeron says:

The 10% of the brain thing is false

SweetxCandyyy says:

I love the Off The Great Wall girls! 🙂 (I miss Carmen and Yi though)

Angie C says:


AliCatt777 says:

I think the third outfit is most my style :)

Ashleigh-L says:

woahzahs got exams coming up soon, This video’s so convenient

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