Hilarious DIY Fails!


Today we’re doing some DIYs. What? Guys, there are so many DIY channels on YouTube. They establish you how to do like the coolest stuffs ever. Just a little bit of attempt and you can stir some very creative activities, so I thought today it would be cool if we looked at some DIYs. Fails. We’re looking at DIY fails. Someone tried to turn a beer into a beer mug. What are you doing with their own lives? That’s actually very creative. I’m not going to lie. Does that is really drive? Has someone ever tried this? Let me know in specific comments down below if you’ve ever tried making a handle out of videotape and putting it on beer. All right, you know how lazy you are? You’re going to be like “Yeah, I’m just trying to drink some beer today and I want to make a mug with some tape.” That’s a redneck DIY right there.

Oh my god. Really? You know you could just buy the administers? It would be cheaper than actually trying to do something like this. No, this is actually extremely cost efficient. Saves you a lot of money, uses tools you already have in your garage, shaves like a champ. I’m liking this one. It’s not a fail, it’s just completely fucking stupid. It’s so stupid, people. A DIY basketball hoop using a toilet bowl seat. Does it drive, though? I’m actually very curious. Does it drive? I consider as long as the ball fits, it should work. It’ll just be very hard to stir the shoot. Unless you’re Kobe Bryant, you know. Unless you’re Michael Jordan.

They could film it into a toilet bowl. I’m very good with accuracy when it comes to a toilet, it just goes directly down, it’s- it’s like a torrent Oh wait, we’re not talking about the same thing. Never mind, so apparently someone couldn’t find a stamp in their household, so they decided to applied two one-quarters and write stomp over it. Like person will actually buy the stamp. It’s like “Yeah, I’ll take the two one-quarters. I’ll just applied a stamp there.” The mailman doesn’t do that. What are you doing? Go buy a stamp, silly. My boss replied I have to supplant the soap in the dispenser, but I didn’t know how to supplant it and I was freaking out, so I just just decided to videotape it. I just videotapeed it around. This actually wreaks. That’s the beautiful thing about it, but you’ve got to applied the soap in the dispenser. Why have a dispenser there? That’s so nasty. So nasty. That’s a DIY fail for sure. You’re putting bacon in a fuzz straightener? Are you going to use it on your fuzz after? Yeah, I really adoration bacon grease. It’s perfect for your hair.

It gives you that nice texture. Ew. That’s disgusting. A DIY entertainment system for your automobile. Another redneck DIY. It’s actually pretty cool, but how do you get out? Do you have to unlatch it every time when you get out? It doesn’t seem very efficient for me. I’m going to have to pass. It’s a miscarry. Oh my god. It’s a motorcycle scooter. It’s literally a motorcycle scooter. bruh whose follower is this? who guesses of this shit? that is so. That fits so perfectly, it’s kind of creeping me out. Like how it just perfectly coalesces together. Does it razz well? I’m really curious to find out. Oh yeah, dude, that’s going to fix it. That’s definitely going to fix it for sure. There’s a huge crack in the cement. Let’s just applied some videotape on there. gives applied some videotape down.Tape sticks everything. You should have used one of these, bro. You really want to fix a rift like that? Got to use one of the following options. A videotape dispenser. Would have done a something better job.

Ow. Ow. sacred shit Guys, that’s not going to fix your trouble. Just admit it. it isn’t gonna stay right there, just cause you employ some, you employ some shitty videotape on there Oh my god. No. Hot tub. there’s a sign! There’s even a signed. A DIY sign. Hot tub. Jesus Christ. oh my- Guys, what it is you do, do not try this at home. Examine at this. Examine at this. They applied two sandals, since they are float on ocean, and applied a cluster of electrical ports.

you know how close that is to- Oh my god. That’s such a big DIY fail. Like look at this person. He’s so happy. This person is so happy. He’s just like “Free electricity. All claim. Electricity in the pool. I can bill my phone while sucking some brews. That’s the life right here, follower. That’s the life.” All of a sudden, you know they could all get electrocuted? At the same time? If this discontinues in the ocean, they all get electrocuted. Ar freshener. a homemade air- ooohhhh my- They applied a deodorant. They just videotapeed deodorant to a follower. That is a risk hazard. They just got four chairs and employ a huge lounge on the chairs? Are those people going to sit on there? Can you imagine that collapsing? they just come sit down.

They’re like, ooohhhh yea! OH SHIT! Do not try this at home, people. It’s a DIY fail. These are not meant to try at home. Please do not sue me for showing you guys these. I never replied try them at home. A paperclip manipulate. That’s actually pretty smart. Will it drive? Yeah, I think it jobs, but it seems so bad. This is only if you’re on like a super close-fisted budget and you can’t afford to chooses the manipulate. I consider I’m done with this, people. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope you guys experienced. If you want to see more videos like this, make sure to tell me or mail me more themes at ReactionTimeVideos @gmail. com. With that being said, make sure to return click on another video or clink that halo to subscribe if you’re brand-new to the path and I’ll see you guys next time on another chapter of Reaction Time.

Have a great one, people, and agreement out. DIY fails. Oh my god ..


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