Home Improvement & Repair Tips : Removing Wedding Rings From a Sink Drain

Many times sinks trap lost items, such as rings and earrings, in the P trap that hangs beneath the sink. This means the P trap must must be removed. Watch as a professional home repairman removes wedding rings and other lost items from a kitchen sink in this free video on home improvement.

Expert: James Drew
Contact: www.jnchomerepair.com
Bio: James Drew is the owner and president of JNC Home Repair in Austin, TX. Drew is also an HVAC certified tech with more than two decades experience in plumbing, masonry, and carpentry.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


WolfyBun Original says:

Every video is the same! I cannot find one that helps me!

Kishi Gordon says:

Thank you. I just lost mine in the drain and i am going to get it now. 

Susan Rager says:

Thank you!! I just salvaged my wedding ring after watching your video! 🙂

fynoda says:

I saved my earring because of your tutorial~ Thank you!

rojocheeks says:

Thank you! I dropped an earring and unfortunately I don't have the right tool (channel locks or wrenches) to loosen the metal piece holding the Ptrap in place. As soon as I buy the tool, tomorrow morning, I'll follow your instructions. Thanks again!

9630654 says:

Thanks for the "how to" I like to try to fix things myself before I call someone in. Your info on the sinks trap was really great. I used it and saved myself a call to the plumber. THANKS, A MRS. FIX IT MOM!

Hunter Parrent says:

thx u thx u thx u

GabrielleGuidry says:

my ring is lost in the apartment somewhere and theres a chance it could be in the sink.
i just took my p trap off with this videos help… the ring wasn't there, so i hope its not lost forever, but again, thanks for the video.

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