How a Site Can Shape a Home

Good design is the result of strong, simple concepts that give meaning to a home’s shape, form and materials. When you look to your site for inspiration, these ideas often arise very naturally. A site is composed of many things: topography, plants, trees, regional and local climate, surrounding structures, water bodies and zoning and code regulations. Each site has very specific solar orientations, views (good and bad) and often a very explicit character. Each one of these areas is an opportunity to generate a meaningful conceptual approach for your home design — a way to devise its shape, layout, form and materials.

In this video I discuss the strategies architects use to find design inspiration and derive meaningful architecture from a home’s site.

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Liam says:

This was great! I loved the breadth and quantity of examples, which helped me a lot.

vishruti singh says:

You deserve way more views and subscribers!
Your videos are really educational and insightful.
Thanks alot!

Juan Toro says:

Thanks for this videos! They are very helpful to keep in mind all the aspects and concepts were architecture take form! Greatings from Colombia!

Keenan Ngo says:

Hi Eric, I wanted to thank you for all the excellent videos you've made. They are very educational and insightful, helping me mull over ideas and remind me of the things I need to keep in mind while designing buildings. Thanks again!

Baran says:

man, i cannot thank you enough for these videos. PLEASE do not stop

Tanz Rome says:

I get excited when you upload a video, I'm not a architect but I learn so much from your content. Keep up the great work, I hope to hire you someday to design my home!

Calvin J. says:

I highly admire your work, many thanks!

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