How to Make a Paper Boat

How to make a paper boat

You can make a paper boat from a single sheet of paper in just a few minutes. Follow these steps to find out how to do it. (Ordinary white printer paper or white origami paper will be perfect for this paper boat.)



  • Make sure you crease well. Use a ruler or a paper folder to make tight folds.
  • Waterproof your boat! Use a waxed paper from an art store to make your boat last longer, or color one side of the paper completely with a crayon. You can also try to make your boat out of aluminum foil.
  • Be aware that the heavier the paper you use, the harder the boat will be to make.
  • If you are floating your boat on a large body of water, like a pond, you can tape string onto one end of the boat. Hold on to the other end of the string so that it doesn’t float away!
  • Try to get the edges of the paper to line up.

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make a paper boat

make a paper boat


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