Joyful Decluttering | KonMari Method Inspired

Here’s my take on the KonMari method to organize and declutter.


-mysocalledhome (book review):
-ourfarmhouselife (book review):
-Jennifer Ross (in-depth look at purging method):
-Interview with Marie that I enjoyed:







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DoItOnaDime says:

Purging and decluttering Kondo-style. Thanks @mysocalledhome and
@organizedjen !

meganjerai says:

It’s so funny because I just organized my jewelry. I really struggle with
throwing things away. Even things I know I don’t use. 

Paulette Marie says:

Thank you so much. I have so much jewelry that I keep because of guilt
reasons. you have now helped me with a different thought process so I don’t
have that guilt. OMG!!!! I can do this with so many other things. Loved
this so much. Thank you thank you. Hugs. 

Kathryn A Fisher says:

Great points to make. I am in process of decluttering sentimental stuff
now. xox

AmeliaOrchid says:

I just finished purging my closet after seeing this video. Thank you for
the inspiration! I love your channel!

Delia Diego says:

I luv this channel, your Channel has made me very organized!

my so-called home says:

Loved hearing your thoughts on the book Kathryn, and loved the jewelry
purge! I actually just went through my small collection myself because I
had no room for the pieces I wore all the time and realized I needed to
purge the ones I never wore! Up next, home decor

His And Her Money says:

I love the way you summed up this book! I listened to the audio version and
I walked away with the same thing you did. I plan to upload a video of my
closet after taking this new approach. TFS -Tai

Sharon Hladky says:

That was a good video. I do try and get rid of stuff, but I also feel I
need to do a better job. My other problem I realized I was raised by a mom
who grew up in WW2, depression etc. and her parents in WW1, and WW2,
depression. etc, who did keep things. (mind you we are not hoarders)
acknowledging this is helping me to get rid of more stuff.

Texas Gal Treasures says:

I love this!! I’m so sharing this!!

Elaine Karrh says:

So strange that I have just been doing this exact thing this weekend!! It
has been WONDERFUL!! I have gone through so much(especially old
cards,letters,thank you notes,etc…).I have gotten rid of about 6 trash
bags of just paper!!. I am now in the jewelry/clothing section of my closet
and I am getting rid of so much,here,too!! I just love all your video’s,and
thank you for all you do for all of us!!

Maureen Hayes says:

I watched Jen’s video on her clothing purge using this method and knew I
was going to try it, and now you and your jewelry purge made it final!

Jennifer Flener says:

The difference in your before and after is amazing. I enjoyed looking at
your after picture way better. Less clutter, less stress is what I always
hear people saying. I have to admit your after pic, being less cluttered,
looked so much nicer. I mean all of this in a nice way :)

MustardSeedish says:

I read some of the book, and I didn’t heed her advice to tidy in categories
rather than by space. I was cleaning out a desk drawer, and I had a wad of
pens and pencils, so I threw them in the office supply box. I realized just
then that I just put my clutter somewhere else. Lesson learned.

KimmyTs Treasures says:

Great Video 🙂 Don Aslett has some nice books on the subject of organizing
and cleaning, as well. Can never stop learning and getting ideas! Love
the channel!

Ashley Elizabeth says:

Can you do a review on your jewelry armoire? It kind of has mixed reviews

bella angel says:

Decluttering each day for 15 minutes is working for me. Thanks for

Boulderbon says:

I just picked this book up a few days ago, and I’m almost finished. Very
easy reading. I can see how her method is successful. I lost everything I
owned in the Boulder flood, and while there are “things” I still miss…it
was somewhat cleansing. I had been holding onto things for far too long
because of one reason or another. I’m still rebuilding 2 years
later…slowly. I try to only buy things that I really love. I still find
that I need to revisit my collections though. I’m going to be starting an
organization series on my channel..can’t wait 🙂 xoxo Bonnie

Maryann Wilson says:

I just did this to my pantry and i was shocked. I now want to cook more and
i can actually save money 

ratherlikehearts says:

I just finished reading this book this past week and I really enjoyed it. I
heard a lot of reviews saying it was kinda out there but I think it all
depends on your perspective. I have so much decluttering/purging to do that
it really resonated with me… and just what I needed when I always feel
that what if? or waste of money with certain items I own. I’ve already
started making steps this past week and very pleased with the results so

De La Luna says:

Great video! I cannot wait to read this bpok. I ordered it from amazpn a
few days ago!

Phoebe says:

Very good video. Thank you.

Sweet And Simple Home says:

I loved this book so much and I have been sharing my journey of using the
KonMari method on my channel! I’ve been so blessed by the whole process.
Thanks for sharing how this book has helped you too!

Patricia English says:

Thanks Kathryn, I have a lot of jewellery cheap and it all makes me happy,
the things that have been handed down I have in a box in my wardrobe, I
don’t want to part with it as I have three grown up daughters and I know
when I go they will want them, there is not many so holding on to them
seems the right thing to do. I have no worries about parting with the
other things as they are cheap. I always regret getting rid of some of my
things a few years ago as there was a set of red glass beads I would love
to have back, I haven’t been able to fine any like them since. Cheers

beautybeautykiss says:

you inspire me all the time. I love your videos.

Sarah3944 says:

I’m watching this video and my husband walks in and says “who’s that?
Makeitonadime?” I burst into laughter. 

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