Kardashians at a Movie

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney go to the movies.
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Kim voiced by Boss
Khloe voiced by Boss’s Brother
Kourtney voiced by Boss’s Sister
Usher voiced by Boss
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

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Jasmine Robinson says:

She just walks up like it's nothing!! Only Kourtney! 😂😂😂

XxDiamondDynamite AJ says:

Im the 1000 comment

Arly rivera says:

1:25 😂😂

ImagineFandoms says:

Fucking brilliant.

Aileen Castaneda says:

Kourtney falling down the stairs is how I'm handling life.

Scream 2016 says:

i'm crying

Shoo Ken says:

"Ah" lol that was so funny

llJordanoll Msp says:

I wonder what happened later..

Talia The Unicorn says:

oh my god when kourtney fell i almost died

Diep Ho says:

It's Iceland. You clearly don't know your biology. 😂💀

Laihal Cherry Lenorverde says:

Kim:Then go but be careful because its super dark-
calm "ahh"
Then walks calmy
Khloe:How the f*ck

Puilo says:

"There's no country called Iceberg you stupid bitch"

彪馬銳步 says:

You clearly don't know your biology 😂

TheSillyPotato says:

1:21 trying to get your crush's attention like

infamoushero says:

Omg Khloe speaking and Kourtney telling her to shut up in the exact same way each time reminds me of an old glee spoof gag from ep 3 where Sam is breaking up with Quinn and all she says in respond is a single "why" audio clip said multiple times. OH MAN that brought me to the beginning! Keep making these videos; they bring so much joy after all these years.

Ly Chi Kien says:

the Ah sound =)))))))

Iridescent Monochrome says:

When she got hit with the whole thing of popcorn I just fucking lost it. That was hilarious. Well done, Boss, well done.

thtonegirl XD says:

Omg 😂

ayexcrochelle says:

Khloe shut the fuck up 😭😭😂
shut up
shut up shut up 😂😂💀

It'sAngel says:

Kourtney is so accurate 💀

Random Commenter says:


Steven Jimenez says:

I freaking LOVE THESE VIDEOS LMAO MY FAV PART KOURT "aah" and her face when saying it

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