Let’s Play Starcraft Customs – Halloween Special

Enjoy the worst thing I’ve ever made

Download: http://www.mikelat.com/maps/halloween.zip
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attackontntitans says:

Okay, this made me laugh, good job.

Joshua Winstead says:

I bet mike actually made this a few weeks ago.

Red Runge says:

DIE cracked me up.

CannedLava says:

the screaming marine in the defeat screen says it alll

mikelat says:

It's one of the first maps I can find that I made. I had other earlier creations but I can't find those anymore.

NotTheWheel says:


Mike this is so cute it's scary!

DJdeaddude says:

Mike is M Night Shyamalan

ibot66 says:

Honestly, for a ten year old this isn't completely terrible.

Silva says:

That. Was amazing.

Tayroy says:

No mike, You are the halloweenist.
and then mikelat was the Halloweenieist.

Jongustav says:

hahaha! That was fun, thanks for sharing. 😀

TLCBonaparte says:

If only that kid had a railgun…

Alma Shade says:

I did a lot of stupid shit when I was a kid. 🙁
And this video reminded me of all those stupid moments.

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