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Wolverine gets real, in Logan!

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Movies with Mikey is your home for positive analysis on film that gets you up in the morning. Sure, we could spend our time tearing films down, but why? There’s a whole internet to do that!

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Let us know what you think in the comments! No vote this time, I’m afraid. The next episode will be Amelie and then there will be a vote after that one. Until next time friends, stay frosty.

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Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade (http://amzn.to/2tvBf21)
Heart – Stairway to Heaven [Live at the Kennedy Center Honors] (http://amzn.to/2sH7WfS)

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Written, Directed & Edited By:
Mikey Neumann


Merle Blue says:

I didn't want to admit how good Logan was.
Part of me still doesn't.

Andris Vizulis says:

Make one for ""Her"

ContentOverStyle says:

With Bulls on Parade and Stairway, best music in one of these videos 😀 I love these videos so much.

bla blahblah says:

Yer the fuckin best, Mikey.

Blaed13 says:

can you suggest for a future video, In America?

Alexandria O'Leary says:

"Xaivier has alzheimer's disease".
It was my understanding that, like Logan's, his powers were on the blink because of the virus?

don says:

so kinda like Lisa then?

Flaunty says:

I think this probably your best review. There's a lot of great points you make as to why a lot of movies are note-worthy and historic for film-making that you've made, but this really made me appreciate Logan wholistically. I've never really given a shit about it when one point here there about Logan never really warranted me giving the credit that "it's one of the best SuperHero movies of all time". This encapsulates everything while adding more of your own personal points and style to it. Good shit.

inshayana says:

just a thing,
you realise logan put xavier in that holed water tank to help him remember the past, for when he gets into a crisis? it kinda looks like the brain room, with all the mutants lighten up…

Micah Philson says:

I love how I always learn SO much more about these movies in these videos than I do from just watching the movies themselves!

Heck, I was closer to tearing-up after this video than I was at any point in Logan!

Jeffrey Moore says:

Love your content, but I couldn't see your amazon link for general purchases. I see your links for specific products. Does it still support your channel if we buy different products with those specific links?

Tim Chaos says:

Amazing review as always. Author Patrick Rothuss gave this a shoutout on his Facebook

Quenth says:

Sia is always a win

Michael Sause says:

EXCELLENT CHOICE using the Heart performance of Stairway to Heaven

Joseph Engelhardt says:

A beautiful breakdown.

bloodyhandedgod says:

These are the types of conversations that I remember having with my friend Stephen after movies. I hope he finds this home.

DireSandwich says:

Idea Channel sent me. As if I needed more great content to sink time into!

subscribed… exasperated sigh
it's a really good review show though.

Muaz Osman says:

This video made me cry T__T
such a sad movie, and the explanation you did made me so so sad
great work

JCLegoMan99 says:

One of the few movies I cried at the end of.

SwishSwish says:

Was Wolverine not in Apocalypse? I thought there was a whole (awful) bit with him in.

Val Whittington says:

A masterpiece review

Isaiah Gehrke says:

You're videos are such a blessing Mikey, you're an inspiration to many, and how you keep creating amazing content despite how hard you're fighting, it's just inspiring.
God bless you, and I wish you the best in all your ventures!

Ron Houghton says:

Love the vid, but Shane doesn't die at the end of his movie, Mikey!

Patrick Lindbom says:

Would really like to see a Spider-Man movie reviewed. Preferably one of Raimi's but I'd be glad with any version.

rryann0 says:

Jackman was in Apocalypse, he showed up near the end with Jean and Scott. And it was bad.

NedWithNoHead says:

Just wanted to say that I love your videos. Keep up the great work Mikey.

Marcin Midera says:

You make life better.

Ishvara1008 says:

So friggin good. Thanks Mikey! Just a suggestion, but the movie The Explorers would be a really cool movie to do. Keep it up!

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