Its time for another beauty favorites videos! SInce it’s March and I did a random favorites last month…. it’s all about the makeup, skin care, and beauty this time around. Look out for my next month favorites which will be lifestyle, decor, food, APPs and more!



3 EASY hairstyles for short hair!

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Carah Amelie says:

Check out my new video “MARCH FAVORITES! – BEAUTY”

HammyMamma says:

I LOVE Crosswires! It was in my February Favorite! It was my very first
MAC lipstick <3

BeautyMuseMakeup says:

I’m so glad you like it! It’s definitely something you have to keep using
pretty often and not forget for it to start working 🙂 and the lighting
still looks great 🙂 you look gorg!

shandp33 says:

The lighting isn’t even bad! Don’t stress Carah 🙂 

Caroline P says:

i did buy see sheer because of you! its seriously the most under rated mac
color i LOVE it!! i wear it when i dont know what else to wear even though
its pretty coral it still leans neutral on me. i will check out crosswires

aleidacastroxo | Makeup says:

Great video love 

Kathryn A Fisher says:

Such a shame about the light. : O
U look fab tho. : D

Koral Ticer says:

Love that you’re alternating your favorites videos! Such a great idea to
switch it up each month (: 

CuteFunGirl says:

if you’re looking for a twist up eyeliner that’s really soft and creamy,
you gotta try the Maybelline masterdrama eye studio 

JackyOhhh says:

:00 pops looks so pretty! I definitely need that in my life!

Shannon Rebecca says:

Great video, I’d love to try some of these out ☺️

Jenna Reynolds says:

Marc Jacobs eyeliners seriously I will never be without it!!

Annick says:

Carah, do you clean the Precision sponge like you would the regular beauty
blender or do you have to be careful about getting water into the handle
like makeup brushes? I like the idea of the little kabuki handle better
than long handles or without. It seems like it would have better control
and is more hygienic.

Paige Machnicz says:

I have a beauty blender thing from TJ Maxx like yours only it’s on it’s own
with no handle. I l love it!

Amy Ortega says:

You forgot to mention the name of the eyeliner!! “/

Sobitha J says:

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve scratched myself with my pencil
eyeliner because I was too lazy to sharpen it lol 😛 Great video Carah!

Alexa Landa says:

Random ?
Where did you get the brown cubbies on your shelve? 

elizalovessearth says:

The lighting isn’t that bad! Still great video!

Julia T says:

Carah, what do you have on your nails in this video? I love the colour. 

Casey Arabia says:

We love you even in bad lighting 😉 (and it’s not even bad!)

owlgirl says:

Love you videos!!! Do a morning routine

MsCupcAkers says:

I just tried your hairstyle ideas for short hair. I can’t tell you how much
easier you made my life lol. I have super thick hair but it’s short and
I’ve been struggling with it. As a mom of a busy 4 year old, it was super
easy, cute and looked great all day in this Arizona heat

Brooke Pleasant says:

Carah, I do the same thing with the eye liner pencils! I thought I was the
only one who hated sharpening them lol BTW I got two beauty blenders from
that brand from tj maxx without the handles and I love them!! 

Kimberly Deegan says:

What color is on your nails? I love it!

Jossunny Cruz says:

Ugh! I wanted that color of lipstick in my Ipsy bag! I got the purple…
That Milani blush is my favorite one of all my blushes, I’m so obsessed
with it! :)

agnidevan424 says:

Rare Sense says:

That nyx lipstick is the same colour as the essence lipstick in barely
there. Check it out if ur into those colours. 

Milana Kira says:

I’m wearing See Sheer as I’m watching this! Love both this one and
crosswires <3 

ana torres says:

I’m totally with you on the milani blush it’s my favorite also 🙂 

makifry says:

Hi Carah, I’d like to ask you to take part in my research that I’m doing
for my Master’s thesis. It’s about what influences the relationship between
YouTube Stars and their subscribers. There are only 7 questions and it
shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.
This is the link to the research form: but
if you like, I can send you the questions to your e-mail.
Your help will be much appreciated…
Thank You

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