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Do you own a remodeling or home improvement business that’s having a problem finding more people to call and use your services? You need to have a way to let more people know about your company but you may not know quite how to do that. You see, in the past traditional advertising, ads in the newspaper, ads on the internet, even ads through direct mail was the most effective form of promoting a business. But today it costs too much money, and doesn’t bring enough business through the doors any longer.

So we would like to introduce a better way to grow your business! Through something called Video Marketing. It’s a great strategy to get more phone calls to your remodeling business, and you’ll actually spend much less money than you do right now on other forms of advertising, and after a few weeks people will be talking about your home improvement business again.

This lead generation formula makes local small business owners very happy time after time… And who does’n’t like to be happy…right?

Now its your turn…

Would you like to learn more about a powerful new way to grow your business? We are a professional video creation and marketing agency that specializes in video creation and marketing for remodeling companies, and we would love to share more about how a custom animated commercial can help you grow your business, and increase your profits.

Our commercials are professional, customized, compelling, and affordable. To learn more about our custom videos, and how video marketing can help your remodeling company,

call Randy Bess at 386.246.7215 or visit our website and gallery of videos at

We will share our experience with you and send you more information immediately, about how we can help you grow your business.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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