Men Love Oil Filled Gauges

Men love gauges
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wranglerstar says:
Piran says:

In europe for allmost all fittings we use… imperial. Yup, all pipes and
threads on valves are in inches ;)

Michael Hutin says:

I would estimate about 545.531 Litres or maybe 0.5455308 cubic Meters, or
it might be about 454.25 Kilograms of water.

Q-Hack! says:

umm… You are not supposed to run a taper tap all the way through. Only
enough to cut threads through the thickness of the base fitting. That way
you don’t bottom out the gauge. Hope it doesn’t leak on you.

wordsnwood says:

guessing … looks about 2ft tall, and 3ft x 4ft, so 24 cubic feet or
179.5 US gallons.

Slade McCuiston says:

“You Europeans, I don’t know what you use. Probably some archaic metric

gcross says:

+wranglerstar My guess is 305.2 gallons.

iwantosavemoney says:

179.53 gallons 3’W x 4’L x 2’D

Kristofer Jonsson says:

According to the sight glass it is empty.

Jerry Bates says:

The correct column of this beautiful fire tank is: 2,800 ounces or 175 U.S.
Gallons. Here in a Texas we call that a might touch over a smig’in.

Robert Russell says:

300 Gallons….

james mccoskey says:

Looks like around 200 gallons. Thanks for the great videos!

robert anderson says:

iam going to say 325 gallons and the project is looking good

one less rat says:

250 gallons… forgot to figure cubic feet.

Alex McClure says:

Gauge is not accurate as placed. You called yourself am engineer. Far from
it. Sorry. 

Jeremy Burch says:

Sweet I get an honorable mention. She’s 300 gallon I’d bet my eye-teeth!

LostRoss89 says:

I like most of your videos, but I had to dislike this one due to you saying
“archaic metric system”. Metric is logical, Imperial could almost be
DEFINED as archaic in the dictionary. I don’t mind watching videos where
the creator is in a country that uses the imperial system and therefore use
it, but I do mind when they try to defend it or worse, ridicule the metric

Snow Goer says:

230 gallon or 300 gallon…..depending on how I do my math:)

deeryme says:

Hey, whats that gauge there filled with?

ltdan406 says:

160 gallons.
Why don’t you just go buy a fire truck. you know you want too. :-)

wildfireatm3 says:

Love the Gauge!
That is a nice 128 .5 gal tank you gotcha yerself.

Chuck Stevens says:


Tyler Fletcher says:

Maybe 260 gallons. I Love your Channel, it is really inspiring!!!!! Keep up
with the videos!!!!

2Seth21 says:

275 gal I recon
god bless

Taylor Kiger says:

280 gallons

Benjamin Briggs says:

I’d say 300 gallons by the way I love this channel because it reminds of
the hints I forgotten about because I changed professions and don’t deal
with them everyday like in the past

Brandon Frey says:

300 gallons, 50 gallons per baffle. 

Wayne Bentley says:

149.6 gallons on your fire truck holding tank.

Backwoods Patriot says:

That thing would weigh about 2000 lbs full!

Seth Maxwell says:

448.83 gallons, give or take a couple. 

Intense951 says:

When tapping taper threads you should never run the tap to the base because
you will be opening the threads up to the largest taper. Over time as they
open up, your instrument or fitting needs to be threaded further and
further in, but with the threads already tapped all the way to the limit
the instrument wont have enough thread to get the proper fit without
bottoming out (like what happened with your gauge). When tapping NPT you
shouldn’t need to go any further than half to a third of the way down the
tap to obtain correct sizing to fit whatever you want to install. For non
taper threads run them as far as you want.

Frans van Wijk says:


Karson Branham says:

299.5 gallons. looking pretty spiffy!

Shin Gle says:

with out baffles i’d guess it’s around 160 galleons with baffles 159

Jason says:

299 gallons or for the rest of the world that isn’t The US, 1132 liters

mrluckeyd says:

How do I contact you I cannot seem to be able to on Facebook 

DoriLynn20 says:

149.5 gallons

Gary Thomas says:

Oil Filled! Won’t freeze. 

Prof Lee says:

350 gallons. Oh, and I think that gauge has oil in it. 

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