Movie Villains Be Like… ft. Tony Baker

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Comedian Tony Baker plays Travis Santiago, a villain who embodies all villain clichés played in a bad movie.

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Written and Directed by @TonyBakerComedy


Semisi Tuitupou says:

This was funny!

Kim Fuller says:

So y’all gonna act like y’all didn’t see Kevin Hart ex wife at 0:24?

dennis tate says:

Awesome 😂😂😂

Timothy Weston says:

lol so true this deserves more likes

Can Yildirim says:

0:15 he looks like a turtle or like a piranhia

Benhur The1st says:

YOOOOOO!!!! this shit is GENIUS SON

Big Uzi Vert says:

Aw that was my plan all along 😂😂😂😂🤣

Mojo THC Joe says:

tony is the man.. love frm Kenya's water supply

Akashalee Lee says:

Is anybody else addicted to this video😂😂😂😂😂

Warren Rideau says:


Jay Montgomery says:

LMFAO!!! Right!!! Like Fro Zone said on the Incredibles. He started monologuing!!!

MrB2damac says:

So my coworkers wanted me to changed the jug on the water cooler. little did they know that was my plan all along…

SimpliReen says:

Why Tony keep f'ing with those "townspeople" water supply…I guess that was his plan all along.

mh20767 says:

He really needs to stop worrying about the water supply because it's just shooting down all his plans. lol

exussupremebeing says:

Tony did Flint!?

Jay Prime says:

Waiting this long to see this video was the plan all along. I was gonna use Tony's tactics and overcome the obstacle of stealing the water supply and that's when…

TeddyMuzic says:

This had me crying lmao

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