My first time carving a pumpkin! || Halloween 2017

Did you notice that bit of footage that for some reason didn’t have “kind of spooky music”, but instead had me speaking chipmunk while endorsing an ice-cream spoon? Now that’s spooky stuff! haha


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What’s your real name?/ How old are you?
– Inês, born August ’92.

Where are you from?/ Where do you live?
– Portuguese/German, born and raised in Portugal.
Moved to Sweden at the end of 2012 to be with “my man”.

What’s your accent?
– Portuguese is my mother tongue, but I speak mostly Swedish and English on a day to day basis, which mixes up my accent.

Is YouTube your job?
– No. I do YouTube after work and during weekends.

How big are your stretched ears/philtrum?
– 30mm and 6mm.

What camera do you use?
– Sony a5100.



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And finally, thank you so much for reading the video description – it helps me a lot! I try to read and answer all my comments, and hopefully this will help make them less repetitive. 🙂

Have a beautiful day! ☓☓
– Inês


Yves zusje says:

How fun and a really scary face👻

Angie CH says:

Muito bem, amor!!! És uma artista!!! 😍

helen jardin says:

Looks great. You did such a good job xx also it's very satisfying to watch the carving

Tasie Gill says:

Omg that's so good 💕 I usually spending hours making mine 😅

Pearl Shifer says:

otherwise known as jack o' lantern

Becki Tankson says:

Your pumpkin is amazing!

Cheyenne Fitch says:

I love him!! Great job on your first pumpkin. <3

Odemera Nobilis says:

That is an amazing pumpkin ! 🎃

Orhan İnaltekin says:

The hairsprays can prevent fruits or vegetables from going bad for a while. ☺️ just spray on it if u have any. 👍🏻

Kelsey Sradeja says:

As an American, it’s strange to think that some people have never carved a pumpkin!

linda stefanski says:

that was fun to watch thanks for sharing

hufflewolf says:

Your pumpkin looks so cool! And I love your slightly spooky music choice haha. I personally prefer cutting the bottom off the pumpkin instead of the top, because then you don't have to reach down to light the candle, but that's just a personal preference. And I've never heard of the bleach trick, so you'll have to let us know how it goes 😃

alyssa tombs says:

wow thats one clean pumpkin! the ones i get are always super stringy and seedy and you cleaned yours so fast!!! i was cringing at you using a knife tho, i hate using those! i have little pumpkin carving tools and they're so much easier to use. but hey whatever works for u lol :)))

Tyler Wilson says:

She is so beautiful wtf

grrrystal says:

It looks beautiful! You did a great job for a first timer. It can be a very meticulous job.

Karina Rodriguez says:

That's a cute looking pumpkin

NEeL says:

The pumpkin looks awesome! 🍁🍂

Jazzy J says:

Haha never tought i would see someone on YouTube wear a masters of hardcore hoody. :p Do you listen to hardcore music? Great pumpkin! Xxx

sheepgray08 says:

when i first read i thought you were craving :v not carving

great job….!!!

Anna Self says:

Looks great . I'm kinda surprised so many people have never carved pumpkins … guess New England has spoiled me .

Rosario Mata says:

it was lovely! hope it last until Halloween, I haven't even looked for one myself as it won't last more than a couple days down here where I live, it is very fun to carve a pumpkin!

Chronic Butterfly says:

So cute! We gave up carving pumpkins because it's just too warm here in Texas, so they don't last but a few days. Then my boys decided they didn't really like Halloween so much when they were about 6 or so, and we started going to different church "fall carnivals" instead. They had more fun, less night terrors after, I was ok with this.

Zuza2k says:

I carved pumpkins every year for now! It is kinda tradition that we have with my sister 🙂

Kiira .182 says:

Omg I just finished carving my first pumpkin

Jennifer Perla says:

You’re a perfectionist lol everything looks so neat 😍

Marta Bertran says:

This is so relaxing 😌

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